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The Demand for Engineering Graduates is Rising

Post-lockdown economic activity has seen a slow resumption over the last two or three months. This is especially true of engineering projects which have seen a boost, especially stalled projects that are pushing for completion, and new projects for the coming years are seeing investment from both governments as well as private stakeholders. This is a sure signal that the need for engineers remains strong and is poised for growth to meet demand. Graduating from the best engineering college in India will help you take advantage of this trend.

The Positive Effect of the Post-Lockdown Economy

The positive effect of the pandemic can be felt in all branches of engineering: biotech is seeing a big spurt of growth on the back of the investment and research that is being poured into the field of medical research. Similarly, the Information Technology, Computer Science and Electronics branches are seeing explosive growth because of the increased dependence that both consumers and companies now have on digital technology. 

The world has been becoming increasingly dependent on this technology over the years, but the pandemic lockdowns have boosted this sector to unimaginable heights in terms of employment opportunities. 

Most countries, especially in the Middle East are opening up following complete vaccinations. With the global economies and private businesses looking to invest in infrastructure in a major way, the demand for engineers is rising. Al Ghurair University, a leading name in Dubai’s educational landscape has been at the forefront of creating some of the best engineers in the world.

The Madhya Pradesh Engineering Boost

In the past two months, Madhya Pradesh, like the rest of the country, is boosting its infrastructure capabilities, such as the plan to start the largest floating solar power project by the year 2023. At the same time, there is a push for the development of smart cities, as well as the increase in irrigation projects. Of course, the move of the state government to attract investment in the state means that there are a plethora of opportunities available within the state itself for engineering graduates from the top 10 private engineering colleges in MP.

The sheer variety of projects that are being planned for the future means that engineers from the traditional fields of civil engineering, as well as Mechanical Engineering will have fantastic opportunities for employment. 

If you are thinking of joining the best engineering college in India right now, it is the perfect time to do so, as it will equip you with the desired competency to join the workforce of this rapidly expanding sector. Employability will of course be better if you are a graduate of one of the top 10 private engineering colleges in MP.

Engineering is Still Strong

So what’s the verdict? Well, it is that young engineering graduates of all fields, from civil and mechanical to computer and electronics, have a bright future to look forward to. Even the World Economic Forum lists engineering as the major field that is eminently adaptable to a large number of emerging operational roles in the future, including computing, Data and AI, and Product Development. Both IT-based and non-IT-based engineering jobs are predicted to remain at the top of the list of most coveted jobs of the future, according to the WEF report of 2020. So don’t hesitate to enrol for an engineering course: the future awaits you!  

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