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The Best Mobile Swimming Apps

Mobile Swimming Applications (Apps) help serious swimmers improve their technique and professional swimmers all the support and guidance they need to attain elite status.

In addition to providing the basics such as distance and duration Mobile Swimming Apps also go into details with stats and info about stroke counts, stroke efficiency and technique snapshots as well.

Users can also discover and customize workout sessions that are created especially for swimmers. Users can edit, save and take their workout plan with them wherever they go and also share them with others.

Mobile Swimming Apps provide feedback for swimmers of all levels from basic and intermediate to advanced across pool, triathlon and open water categories.

Swim faster, stronger and with better technique by using a Mobile Swimming App. Below we feature some of the Best Mobile Swimming Apps: 


Swim.com is a Mobile Swimming App that helps increase and boost your performance enabling users to record and log their pool and open water swims with a range of different information provided.

Users of this App can access detailed swim stats that can help make your performance opportunity increase significantly. Users can also connect with other swimmers and be part of virtual leaderboard tables as well. 

Dedicated swimmers can access detailed information such as the stroke count, distance, duration and type of stroke as this App also syncs with your smart active wear.

The Swim.com Mobile Swimming App also helps better swimmers with their smart swimming workouts that are all free. Users can customize their workouts, add their own workouts and share them easily with a community of swimmers. 

App users can also make themselves more competitive by taking part in swim challenges with both local and global swim clubs.


The SwimUp Mobile Swimming App helps swimmers to get ahead with personalized training plans and a detailed analysis of your swimming technique and approach. Users can view their workout statistics and improve their performance through the theory section as well.

App users can select the programme that matches their ability. Wellness is for light swim sessions, Technique helps users to improve swimming skills, Masters is for the experienced swimmer and Triathlon is all about those swimming heavyweights.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence this App adjusts your training plan by learning from the user’s past performance and feedback. In one easy glance App users can understand details about their swim session including speed,distance, completed workouts and overall stats as well. 

This App also includes a digital library of swimming exercises with videos and all other detailed descriptions and syncs well with your Apple watch as well.


The GoSwim Mobile Swimming App uses painstakingly detailed step by step videos to help swimmers improve their technique. This App also includes customized workouts that help professional swimmers become elite swimmers. 

The App showcases over 4000 video clips that help swimmers swim better and focus on winning. The GoSwim Mobile Swimming Android App Development follows weekly themes such as how to improve your backstroke and, in this regard, shares a new short video every day that helps swimmers learn, improve and get better.

The Apps workouts are also designed to match the theme of each week with for example fitness to improve your backstroke etc. The workouts cover all levels and capacities and are designed to help swimmers train with a purpose.

App users can select the workouts they prefer the most, index them, print them out or even share them with others, all at your fingertips. Serious swimmers can easily track their progress and watch suggested videos to help particular problem areas of their technique. The Premium version provides full access to the entire GoSwim App library that is constantly updated.

Swim Coach

The Swim Coach Mobile Swimming App Development helps swimmers to up their game to the next level with smart digital personalized workout plans, available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and German.

Using this App, swimmers can log their training sessions, measure critical swim speed and track progress with the integrated workout log tool that tells you where you need to improve.

Users can also access instructional videos, tutorials and over 240 specific exercises for swimmers to create their very own personalized swimming training sessions. There is also a premium option with enhanced App features.


The MySwimPro Mobile Swimming App offers its users a personal training plan, workouts, in-depth analysis and custom drills as well.  Using this App users can log, document and chart their workouts, track their progress and also set up weekly calendars with personal challenges.

The premium Elite Coach service offers an experienced swimming coach dedicated to improving your personal fitness goals. Users of this App can benefit from detailed analytics like laps, strokes per lap, splits, calories

burned and distance covered in addition to helpful tips, hints and how- videos. 

The MySwimPro Mobile Swimming App Developer also helps individual performance by connecting swimmers around the world as a community where ideas, techniques and more can be exchanged.

This App also easily syncs with most smart devices so you can take your workouts and other stats wherever you may go in your smartwatch. There is a premium option with unlimited access to all the coaching resources you could ever need.


If you swim to keep in shape or are getting ready for your next triathlon or swimming tournament a Mobile Swimming App helps users to improve swimming and increase fitness. Download a Mobile Swimming App and create a personal and fun workout for you!

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