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The best Instagram hashtags to get likes

Is your goal to aumentar la cantidad de me gusta on your posts? If so, you have come to the right place, because we have collected for you the best Instagram hashtags to get more likes, as well as some tips to use them. If your publications on Instagram are not very successful and you want the likes of your posts to increase, take note because we are going to show you which are the hashtags that allow you to get more likes on this platform. You will also find out more about another way to get likes besides using hashtags, and that is to buy Instagram likes cheap. On some of the best IG services, you can find quality packages starting from only $1.30 for 50 likes!

Today, Instagram has become one of the social networks with the highest number of users and the best value by the public. According to the IAB Spain Annual Study of Social Networks 2019, in China, it is the fourth most used platform, which is only overtaken by WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube. In addition, it stands out for being the social network that has increased its user bases the most in our territory in the last year, with a growth of 49% in relation to 2018.

How to use hashtags on Instagram?

Before we start going through the list of the best hashtags to get likes on Instagram, the first thing we are going to do is define what a hashtag is, so that you have no doubts. 

A hashtag is a word or phrase that is preceded by the pound sign (#), which serves as a tag on social media. It began to be used on Twitter in 2007 as a system to index keywords and make searching on the social network easier.

In the case of Instagram, by introducing them in the publications you are classifying them by that keyword, so you allow other people to more easily find your photos and videos when they use the platform’s hashtag search engine.

Thanks to this, your content can reach your target audience, which helps you get more likes and followers. In fact, according to the data handled by the HubSpot platform, a publication that includes at least one of these labels has on average 12.6% more participation than one that does not. 

Brands take these figures into account, and in recent years Instagram has become the social network of choice for marketers for collaborations with influencers. So much so that it leads the hiring of services of public figures by companies with a wide difference compared to other platforms.

For all this, it is not surprising that all users want to increase the number of likes of their publications. If you are one of them, we are going to explain in depth what they are and how to use hashtags to get more likes, which ones help to get more likes or which ones are the most popular for each content category. 

Of course, we must bear in mind that very soon all this may change, and it is possible that the likes will no longer have as much weight as they have been up to now. If you are up to date with current technology, you should already know that Instagram is beginning to hide likes all over the world, a movement that, according to the social network owned by Facebook, is intended to give users more value to the published content and are less aware of the followers’ likes count.

At the moment it is an experimental measure that is not available to everyone, and if it is finally implemented, the platform ensures that it will provide influencers with other systems so that they can add value to their partners.

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Make a strategy

However, not everything goes and it is important that you draw up a strategy to use the tags that are most related to your activity and the content of the images. Therefore, when selecting your hashtags, ask yourself what the people you want to reach are looking for, take a look at the tags used by other users with content similar to yours, and use tools that help you to choose the best hashtags for your photos and videos. I also recommend checking out some great sponsored services that will help you boost your hashtag strategy by providing more Instagram likes instantly.

The more specific you are when it comes to using these tags, the more likely you are to reach the people you are interested in and not a wider audience of course, always keep in mind that they are words that users can search since otherwise, you run the risk that they will not find your hashtags.

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