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The Beauty of Bali’s Underwater: Favorite Tourist Spot for Diving Lovers

Bali has a very amazing natural charm. Starting from the beaches, forests, mountains to the sea. In fact, many best spots in the Indonesian diving category are also in Bali. For lovers of marine sports, diving, Bali must be on the wish list when spending time off.

This is because the sea in Bali is still well preserved. Coral reefs, fish, underwater plants and other marine animals are the main attraction for Bali water sports lovers. Not only that, diving spots in Bali offer many charms of life that are very beautiful and rarely found in any sea.

Bali’s Underwater Beauty

Diving indonesia the Bali sea is indeed very fun. The underwater life including small marine animals like crabs and shrimps is always amazing to watch. Not to mention the colorful fish running here and there, adding to the best underwater scenery ever.

In Bali, there are several underwater tourist spots or the best category of diving in the world, such as:

  1. Tulamben, East Bali.
  2. Gili Islands (Gili Islands), East Bali.
  3. Amed/Gili Selang, East Bali.
  4. Nusa Penida, East Bali.
  5. Padang Bai, East Bali.
  6. Secret Bay, Northwest Bali.
  7. Menjangan Island, Northwest Bali

Padang-Bai is also known as the Blue Lagoon. The location is in East Bali and is an underwater paradise. There is an incredible variety of marine life here. Many tourists who love diving always include Padangbai in their list of diving spots.

The underwater beauty of Bali is not only a matter of biodiversity and animals, but also artificial ones. It is the Reef Gardener community that has an underwater temple project. There is a main temple which has an area of ​​2,500 square meters at a depth of 29 meters and was built in 2005.

In 2006, the second phase of the construction of the temple at a depth of 15 meters was also carried out. This second temple is made for diving lovers who are still beginners or inexperienced. Both remain awesome and challenging for tourists to explore.

The USAT Liberty Shipwreck also beautifies the treasures of Bali’s underwater life. This is a sunken shipwreck and is a favorite diving spot in Bali. The location of this shipwreck is only 30 meters from the beach. This shipwreck has become a ‘home’ for many marine animals and plants.

For beginner divers or licensed divers, of course Bali is the island that must be visited. This includes divers from abroad who admire the underwater beauty of Bali. Therefore, don’t miss out exploring the Bali sea. Lots of unexpected things to explore.

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