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The Advantages of Hiring a Bilingual FD or CFO

Nowadays you have more and more people with the ability to speak two languages. This can be of huge benefit to any company that decides to hire a bilingual employee. In the finance department, when hiring a bilingual Finance Director (FD) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO), these advantages are also clear.

Hiring a bilingual FD or CFO offers multiple opportunities to expand your network, your target market, and the ability to easily do international business.

Why hire a bilingual FD or CFO?

As a business, it is unlikely that you are just doing business with other English speakers only. Most businesses have international business partners or clients that appreciate you going the extra mile in accommodating them and their needs. Communication is crucial for any kind of business transaction and if broken down, language is the common denominator.

International business

By hiring a bilingual FD or CFO you automatically have access and more opportunities due to the additional language. FD’s and CFO’s primary focus is to help strategize and implement those strategies to help create a strong financial foundation for your business. This can include fundraising, looking for investors, business partners, and general strategies to help boost sales, cut down costs, etc. This can be made easier and more efficient by having someone who speaks two languages and can communicate with a broader range of people.

Expanded Network

FDs and CFOs heavily rely on their network to perform their duties. By being bilingual, that network is automatically doubled. Whether they already have connections in several countries or with several people with different cultural backgrounds, bilingual FDs and CFOs have those opportunities available to them, while others would face communication barriers and language barriers. This can be of huge value and benefit to your company and business.

Increased Target Market

As someone who has been exposed to several cultures, a bilingual FD or CFO may be able to help you increase or expand your current target market. Each market has different aspirations, needs, and pain points, but it’s difficult to address those with your product or service if you don’t understand them. Having someone who has insider knowledge of different cultures and customs can automatically provide enough insight to expand the target market.

FD Capital helps you find bilingual FDs or CFOs

FD Capital is an expert recruiting service finding finance professionals that are a perfect fit for your business and company. One characteristic they factor in is languages, so if you are looking to benefit from a bilingual FD or CFO, FD Capital will help you find one that is able to speak two languages that help you in your business without the worry about them not being native English speakers. FD Capital mostly works with FDs and CFOs located within the UK, so you can rest assured that no matter what kind of additional language you would like to add to the requirement list for your future hire, your FD or CFO will be able to speak perfect English as well.

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