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The 9 Key Advantages To Video Advertising

Video marketing has taken a business’s advertising and promotion segment by storm. Visual storytelling or informative video creates higher engagement with the relevant audience. Businesses can provide insightful content to the audience with video, making it a powerful tool for marketing. In addition, the life span for video content is much higher than other forms of marketing, increasing traffic and visibility. According to a report by HubSpot, video is one of the critical priorities for marketers throughout 2020.

The Statista survey report shows video marketing as an indispensable tool for branding and promotion, with 3.1 billion digital video views worldwide in 2020. In addition, a staggering 92% of B2B consumers consume online, and nearly 1/3rd of shoppers purchase a product or service after viewing a video ad.

This makes video marketing an advantage for a business to reach the target audience.

1. Impact Consumer Psychology

A video marketing strategy with solid content like storytelling, information, or testimonials is known to connect with consumers’ emotions. Indeed, people nowadays prefer watching a video rather than reading or relying on other forms of advertising. This is because the videos are psychologically more comfortable and authentic to the viewer, based on which a considerable segment of the population makes their buying decision.

A good video creates a positive impact on the viewer’s mind and creates a chain reaction through reshares. With good content and the right marketing strategy, a video can go viral, increasing awareness of the business and fueling its marketing across the globe.

2. Easy Means of Creating Videos

Video marketing has become easy by creating videos with the help of an online video editor. The videos are not only compelling to the audience but easy to make. Most video editors are integrated with templates, stock photos or images, and in-built customization tools to create a video in minutes. As a result, the effort required in video editing and the investment is lower than the traditional forms of advertising.

3. Create Informative and Helpful Content

Videos are an excellent channel for creating informative content compared to other forms of advertising. People are likely to choose a video to find information rather than blogs and written content. The videos help in advertising relevant information and demonstrate products or services to keep viewers hooked. In addition, watching a video helps in better understanding than any other channel.

4. More Views as compared to other Forms

The use of the best online video editor helps create and manage the videos and even streamlines their distribution. The video content also receives a higher number of views, bringing in more customers, leads, and sales. In addition, there are multiple platforms where a video can be shared, like social media, YouTube, blogs, and websites for higher visibility. The shares, comments, and likes on the video can help a video go viral and become famous for helping better branding for a business.

5. Device Compatibility and Shareable Content

The videos are compatible with all platforms and are 100% device-friendly. Videos can be edited from phone and directly uploaded across various platforms. Marketers use video content as these are device friendly and perform well amongst mobile users. The video ads are shareable across social media platforms, and they grab more attention amongst billions of social media users. Short-form videos dominate the market, and hence it has a higher rate of engagement with the audience. Video marketing is great as it helps create cross-channel video campaigns to connect with the maximum audience.

6. SEO optimized Video Has Higher Reach

Search engines and most social media platforms love video content and pro-actively promote it to the audience. It is easy to optimize the SEO of the video, which increases its ranking on the search engine. The most significant search engines now have made video content of higher priority based on the latest algorithms. A video ad can be distributed across multiple platforms, embedded in a website or blog content to increase the reach. The latest algorithms for search engines and social media prefer video, and hence it ranks it higher.

7. Boost the Conversion Rates

The video ads or content are more convincing than other forms of content and hence play a crucial role in sales conversion. According to reports by HubSpot, the use of video marketing has gradually increased over the years. It was reported by 87% of video marketers that video content has helped them gain better ROI with higher lead conversion. Hence, video content is a cost-effective investment for lead generation and effective sales. In addition, it is easier for people to understand the information shared through video ads and hence increases sales.

8. Reach Target Audience with High-Value Content

The video marketers can drive traffic from the relevant audience by creating value videos. The video gives freedom to marketers to use creativity in the videos. It does not have to go by a specific rule book. The creator has complete freedom to edit the video and gives space to add a lot of creativity. The videos can be created using tons of concepts to make them meaningful. Promoting a brand through a story or simply through an animated narration or demonstration of product use is convenient. It is up to the creativity of the video creator and what angle they want to show.

9. Effective tool for Sales Professionals

Working in sales is a tedious job and at times, pitching a product or service is challenging. However, video content demonstrating the product or service helps convince the target audience to buy the product. In addition, consumers like watching the video, and it gives better insight into something, making it an excellent tool for the sales team.


The fast-paced market with the growing competition requires innovative and creative advertising to stay afloat. Video marketing is one of the best investments to grow and promote a business as it creates higher engagement through increased visibility, traffic, and viewership. The video content gets a larger audience compared to other advertising forms and is an indispensable marketing tool.

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