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SYPWAI – the future is in artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a long-standing dream of humankind. Humans have always strived to create machines that, thanks to intelligent algorithms embedded in the operational computing environment, will mimic human thinking. With the help of AI, a modern computer or computer-controlled robotic machinery can solve tasks previously available only to the human brain.

How AI works?

Thanks to the application of several leading intelligent technologies, robots are trained with a level of thinking that is close to that of humans. Smart machines are already able to sense, analyze, realize and plan their next steps. This is incredible, but the combination of AI algorithms allows robots to act correctly in their environment and clearly distinguish between third-party objects. Based on this, they can then conclude, and learn lessons from negative situations. And in the future, they can create their behavioral patterns and make correct decisions on diverse tasks.

The progress is still with us today. No one is surprised by computer vision and machine learning. AI methods make it possible to recognize an individual’s natural language, which previously seemed impossible. By analyzing massive amounts of received data, machines are self-learning and predicting the next actions of an object.

Not all business people follow new developments, unfortunately. After all, AI technology in synergy with automation of machinery, competent analytics, and prompt data collection can increase process efficiency manifold and solve most issues: from supply chain optimization to the human factor in customer service.

AI training takes place in stages. First, there is the accumulation of an array of incoming data, such as text, illustrations, combinations of numbers, and sounds (e.g., human speech). The data is then processed using algorithms and rules.

The system then decodes the information and produces a prediction. The final step is the output of the result and its evaluation. And the system uses analysis and feedback.

The AI then uses its algorithms to correct the flow of incoming information, the rules, and the final results. It is an iterative process. It can be repeated many times until the desired result is achieved.

Artificial intelligence is all around us

Humankind is used to the manifestation of AI in everyday life because it is already found in various areas.

  1. Social media. And AI technology, acting on Facebook or Instagram, feeds news of interest to us, identifies and removes fake posts from the news feed.
  2. Video, and music media streaming services. On YouTube or Netflix, AI feeds the content of interest to you first.
  3. Search engines. Similarly in Google, AI controls the presentation of information, including ads according to your preferences. If you’re interested in buying a certain product, the all-seeing Google will suggest it for a long period.
  4. Navigation apps. An indispensable AI will guide you to the correct route, and advise you of the time taken by various modes of transport, and even on foot. It will warn about traffic jams.

The list could be long because AI technologies have entered our lives actively and forever.

SYPWAI – the path to leadership

Many well-known IT companies are engaged in AI development.

SYPWAI is a grant project thanks to developments in the field of information technology. The sum of $90 million was useful in the company’s initial launch in 2018.

SYPWAI is a place to create a new world! This is the motto and the main goal of the start-up.

SYPWAI’s main goal is to spread and make AI technologies as accessible as possible in the business world. The ambitious dream is to become a leader among AI developers and in doing so, for humanity. The team has gathered and invited further cooperation from scientists, IT professionals, and fans of their work.

Our developments are successfully applied by companies and public organizations that need to process, analyze and digitize large amounts of data. AI helps employees not to be distracted by routine work, but to use their potential for creative work.

For example, Advanced Process Solutions Limited uses SYPWAI’s know-how. This renowned company develops technologies for pipeline maintenance of gas, liquid, and other systems.

JB Engineering, thanks to AI, has obtained a well-established production and optimization of manufactured products. The India-based company produces thread-cutting machines.

The BRAC Group from the UK manufactures roofing materials and also makes use of technology from SYPWAI.

SYPWAI’s unique offering

The SYPWAI platform is actively moving towards the creation of powerful, self-learning, and highly functional neural networks.

This requires the involvement of as many people as possible to train the AI.

As you know, a network requires a very large amount of data to improve. And it doesn’t matter where it comes from or who it comes from. So the company invites users from every country in the world.

AI training is done using a binder. It is a small-sized portable but powerful Raspberry computer.

This tiny device can be taken on the road with you, as it fits in a woman’s handbag or jacket pocket. And in terms of performance and functionality, it’s equal in size to a notebook or even a PC.

SYPWAI uses Raspberry for simple logic tasks or captcha input. Don’t be surprised that the level of tasks is suitable for kids 5-7 years old. This is how the AI training takes place. The age of project participants starts at 18 – the user must be of legal age.

How do I become a project participant?

Training in AI is accessible to everyone. It is necessary to execute 4 simple actions only:

  • to buy a special device;
  • scan a QR code;
  • register on the SYPWAI platform (enter username, password, valid phone number, and email address);
  • follow the instructions.

SYPWAI offers a decent payment for AI training. If a user is interested in a bonus of $500-600 per month for 2-3 hours of work during the day, the company is always happy to welcome new members.

Importantly, the withdrawal of earnings can be made through a physical or virtual card. Also through PayPal, cryptocurrency wallets, in general, in a way acceptable to the user.

Our current SYPWAI members’ testimonials

We advocate the availability of truthful information. In these confusing times, you need to separate the wheat from the chaff. We must state the facts, analyze the information, and distinguish between the truth and preconceived disinformation.

SYPWAI values its image. We advise our clients to leave any feedback only on the official company website. This is a powerful step to screen out untrue fallacies. After all, only a user who is already using AI technology in business can objectively judge the advantages and disadvantages of the project. It is impossible to judge the taste of oysters without having tried them once.

SYPWAI is open to everyone. We are happy to share our knowledge with anyone interested. And we ask our active users to leave feedback. Anyone can freely read all available information about the project.

Friends, let your potential like-minded project members see all the real benefits.

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