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Sunspot Septembercimpanuzdnet

The UK-based Twig Series is a prestigious tech conference that brings together some of the most successful innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders from around the world. It provides an opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments in technology and business, and is attended by hundreds of industry experts.

Increasing liquidity in the market

One startup that hopes to make an impact on the U.K. economy is Twig, a fintech that reimagines the traditional bank as an exchange for resale value. It’s designed to provide an easy way for people to buy and sell secondhand goods, and it’s also trying to reduce its own carbon footprint.

The concept is simple: Twig provides an e-money account, which enables consumers to pay for things with a quasi-currency. These accounts include domestic money transfers, international money transfers, and a secondhand goods resale service. You can buy things like smartphones, laptops, and limited edition Nikes on Twig, and you can get an instant cash-out for these items if you want.

What’s interesting about this particular business model is that Twig does not yet have a bank license. However, Cupi says that the company has signed agreements with “a couple of big merchants.” This means that Twig will likely become a B2B2C platform. As such, it will have to deal with suppliers and shipping companies. And as a result, it’s hard to know just how much energy and other materials are used.

Reducing friction in reselling

One of the most important factors driving digital transformation is customer experience. Reducing friction is a key part of this. It makes it easier for people to purchase goods from a business and enhances contextual interactions. The best part is that it can pay off for businesses, too.

A recent study revealed that nearly eight out of ten buyers want a frictionless experience with their B2C vendors. This is something Twig is looking to do. By creating a service that allows customers to sell and buy pre-owned goods, it will be easy for consumers to reuse assets. In the process, Twig will also be reducing its own carbon footprint.

The company combines the functionality of a bank with a resale site. Users can sign up for a branded debit card and use it to make international money transfers, domestic money transfers, and buy and sell secondhand goods. Twig does not charge a fee to transfer between accounts. It also offers users instant cash payouts for their items.

Reducing landfill waste

The new Twig series from Eulogy Technology Solutions is the brainchild of CEO Richard Strasner, who has long been a believer in the benefits of greening his industry. In a recent study, he found that, among other things, changing solid waste management practices can lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 20%. The company has recently launched in Jakarta and plans to expand rapidly in the coming years. For instance, it will soon have five separate sorting facilities that will handle the waste containing electronic appliances. This is the newest addition to the company’s existing portfolio of recycling services.

The Twig series is a good start to a greener and more productive future for all of us. Among other things, it’s got a big plan to reduce the amount of landfill waste in the city by 50% by 2030.

Applying for B Corp certification

If you are looking for a certification that promotes your company’s social mission and creates a positive impact on the environment, look no further than B Corp certification. This certification signifies that you have met the highest standards in verified social performance.

The first step to becoming a Certified B Corporation is to complete the B Impact Assessment. This free, online tool will help you determine the legal requirements for your company to become certified. You will also learn your baseline score and the areas you can improve upon.

Once you have completed the assessment, B Lab will review your documentation. They may ask follow up questions about your employees and suppliers. After you have submitted your documentation, B Lab’s Global analysts will evaluate your company’s structure and operations.