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Stuck at Home? Top Tips to Pass the Time

Maybe you’re stuck at home because you’ve caught Covid or are isolating due to being in close contact with someone who has it. It might be that you’re recovering from another illness, or maybe you’ve got a lot of downtime. While it can be fun for a short while, being stuck at home can get pretty boring and fast. With that said, there are some things you can do to pass the time and make your time at home far more bearable. 

Focusing on New Entertainment

Scrolling through aimless websites can get pretty boring, fast. As can watching the same films over and over again.

On the other hand, you might be done spending time scrolling through social media non-stop. There are other things you can do to pass the time. You could either check out some free onlyfans pages or try to find a different streaming service. Maybe you want to get into gaming, which also carries the ability to socialise with your friends and family. Finding what works for you can take some trial and error, but if you find something good the hours will fly by and the time to leave home will come before you know it.

Work on a Side Hustle

Why not! 

It’s a consumerist world, where people just love to BUY! Some consumers have a lot of money to spend and so many consumers will just spend it on anything. If you’ve got the time when you’re just stuck at home, why not work on something which can help you and your family live a better life.

The side hustle you choose depends on you, and on what you enjoy doing. Try to start a side hustle in something that you enjoy. Something that you know a lot about. It might be you’re great at selling and want to set up a store on Amazon. It’s fairly easy to do but some of the more complex processes are tough and you might need to find some help selling on Amazon to be a true success. 

Maybe it’s something different, like writing articles, or taking part in survey writing or even setting up your own consulting business. There’s a lot to think about. Finding the perfect project is the most important aspect of setting up a side hustle as it sets the direction in which you’ll travel and dictate whether or not you’ll be successful. 

Focus on Fitness

Focus on fitness, maybe you’ve put on a few pounds over the isolation period and this is a great opportunity to fix it. Perhaps you want to improve your diet a little bit. 

How you approach this depends on you, each person approaches fitness in a different way. Maybe it’s a simple case of cutting down on the alcohol a little. Perhaps you’re creating a meal plan.

It might be nothing to do with diet and all to do with exercise. You can get it all in at home if you’re careful about how you do it. You can find any number of workout routines online. Just get it up on youtube and follow the instructions. It might be that you buy a pull up bar on Amazon or look to buy other equipment. You can perhaps turn it into a side hustle. Maybe you wanted to start your own onlyfans, or instead look into coaching people for the gym. Focusing on fitness can really help in anything that you do. 

It’s also great for the mind too. Exercise can really help you mentally and ensure your mental health is in a consistently good place. If you’re really struggling with your mental health due to being stuck inside, 

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