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Spouse Visa UK: Things You Should Consider Before Applying for Spouse Visa UK

The Spouse visa UK aims to permit British citizens’ partners to reside there. It also is known as the “UK marriage visa.” In this way, following a trial term, the spouse of a UK citizen is permitted to live there indefinitely.

Arranged marriages are the main issue the authorities have with applications for UK spouse visas. It is essential to prove that the marriage is genuine and was not arranged to get into the UK.

What is a Spouse Visa UK?

The spouse visa UK is for spouses of UK nationals who need permission to stay in the uk with their partners. This visa allows them to live in the country with their partners, avoiding the need for divorce and providing the union with a realistic chance to succeed.

Unlike most visas, this one has many requirements about your personal life. The legality of your marriage will decide whether or not your visa application is approved. Therefore the authorities must take the appropriate steps to ensure they have the required data. The family visa and the settlement visa are two visas that are similar to this one.

Who is Eligible for a Spouse Visa UK?

For a spouse visa UK, the following requirements must fulfill. Please be aware that the criteria will change based on your specific circumstances.

  • A British citizen must be your partner.
  • Your partner must have a valid visa that is valid indefinitely.
  • You have to be legally married.
  • You are both adults.
  • You must have communicated with one another.
  • Once you are in the country, you expect to live together permanently.
  • You both are in a genuine relationship.
  • You both do not have any other relationships.
  • Once you’ve reached the UK, your spouse can help you with your income or savings.
  • He will sponsor you as well as any dependents you might have.
  • You two won’t put a burden on the public fund.
  • You are a good English speaker and can communicate effectively with the locals.

Financial Requirements

To move you to the UK, your spouse must fulfil many financial requirements. You must have enough funds saved so that neither you nor your spouse needs public funding.

Considering that you are not a long-term taxpayer, the UK embassy will want to ensure you do not use up more of their resources than is necessary. Whether you have a dependent will determine how much money you need for your marriage visa.

Following is a list of the financial requirements:

  • 18,600 pounds.
  • If there is a first child and they are not British, 3,800 pounds will add to the initial sum.
  • Each extra child is an additional 2400 pounds and is not British.
  • There are many ways to prove your income or your partner’s income to get yourself an indefinite leave of absence. As follows:
  • Salaried income
  • Non-salaried income
  • Self-employed income
  • Salary
  • Dividends
  • Rental Income
  • Investment Income
  • Income from stocks, shares and bonds
  • Income from pension
  • Payouts from insurance schemes
  • Maintenance payments
  • Cash savings

Your spouse or partner must prove they make enough money to support you in the UK. This often comes to 18,600 pounds and increases with each additional child you intend to bring to the nation. If your partner’s income is below this limit, they must show enough savings to sponsor your entry into the country.

English Language Requirements:

Here, the problem of getting along with your spouse is highlighted. Poor language skills would raise doubts about the genuineness of your marriage. As per the spouse visa solicitor, if you do not have a strong understanding of the language, authorities will query how you might communicate with an English-speaking British person well enough to get married to one. The issue becomes more serious if they are also unable to communicate in their tongue.

The circumstances under which you would need to satisfy the English Language requirements are listed below:

  • Not a citizen of the European Economic Area.
  • Are you dating a British national or someone who has already made the country their home?
  • Interested in moving to the UK as the spouse of a citizen of that country?

You can show your language ability by taking one of the many tests available. If you are from a country like the US, where most of the population speaks English, you might not be required to take a language proficiency test. If you hold a degree taught in English, you can avoid the language test.


The key factors considered as part of your application are described in more detail below. The following components can affect the outcome of your application and have a massive effect on your spouse visa UK application.

You should know about current behavior based on the situation. You can contact a spouse visa solicitor to understand this better. You can get help with this from a team of My Legal Services. To know more, give us a call or go to our official website.

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