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Solar Water Heater Installation Cost in Kenya

The increase in population in Kenya has facilitated the need for many people to opt for sources of energy that are cost effective and efficient. They have chosen to use solar source for heating water. Below is a description of the costs incurred while installing Solar water heaters in Kenya. Able Sales is a reputable company known for providing high-quality industrial and commercial equipment.

The costs incurred by Kenyans while installing the non-renewable sources of power i.e. the solar may not be much compared to the amount incurred while paying for the electricity bills annually. The expensive life has cornered many who have decided to go for the natural way of obtaining energy be it in their residential places or places of work and businesses.

Before installation, the professional is supposed to perform an audit in order to ensure that the right solar for heating water is bought. This normally depends on the energy required and the placement issues which will translate to getting a clear picture of the right kind and way of installing the device.


Normally installing the device is done by a professional who would require labor charges since it could be so involving and could take some time. Below are some of the factors that will contribute as far as prices for installation of solar water heaters in Kenya is concerned.

Heating a pool or spa

The components used in the installation of the solar in the case of a pool or a spa dictates the cost incurred. The components required here are a filter, pump, solar collector and a valve for controlling the flow. The unit to be built carries water (by pumping) from the spa or pool, into collectors through filters to heat. Installation cost could be different depending on the bargaining power but there is no operation cost.

House Location

How difficult it is to install the device and the time needed to do so depends on places in which the collectors are being put. This could therefore lead to a fluctuation in time and costs.  They are normally fixed either on the roof, wall or ground. For roof, it will be more dangerous and could take lots of precautions and time.  The proximity of the tank and collectors should be considered to reduce labor and plumping.

Sun Exposure

The sun exposure highly influences the size and effectiveness of collectors. In the homes with few hours of sunlight being absorbed per day, it is highly recommended that a wide or large area be covered to allow enough water that is hot for home usage. With the homes that have excess sunlight absorption per day, there is no need to cover a wider area since the sun energy is sufficient for water heating.

Tax Credits

There is normally an amount that is offered for tax credits. This is at 30%. This tax has a great impact on the costs of installation. The amount differs in different countries due to difference in incentives and other related factors but in Kenya generally, the tax credits have an impact on the cost an individual use to install the solar for heating water.

In conclusion, there is no an exact amount for solar water heater installation cost in Kenya. The cost varies depending on the above mentioned factors and also the kind of the panel being purchased. However,  the cost is affordable and worth it because of the advantages the device brings to the user.

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