Solar Roof

Solar Roof

At the present to build a solar roof is for new house concept besides general homeowners who are interested in installing solar panels. on the roof of the house itself also building a house รับสร้างบ้านโคราช by bringing various natural energy such as wind turbines or installing solar panels in common areas and bring the electric power to be used in the project’s common areas It is a saving on common expenses.

these things Therefore, it is a new concept of building a house. interesting new concept because in addition to helping homeowners reduce energy costs One way may be to help reduce environmental problems as well.

The trend of using renewable energy or natural energy is becoming very popular. At present, there is a concept of using the abundant natural energy such as “sunlight” to be useful. In the form of production in the household sector, known as “solar roof”, which is the installation of solar panels on the roof of the house. to convert heat or sunlight into electrical energy

The electricity that is obtained is brought inside the house. If there is excess energy, it can be sold to the electricity authority again. This is an investment that can greatly reduce energy costs in the long run.


Solar Roof is a system that converts solar energy into electrical energy on the roof. by using solar panels installed on the roofs of residences or buildings receive light energy into direct current before sending to the inverter (Inverter) to change from direct current to alternating current and then use the electric power which can be used by themselves within the household or sold to the electric authority

In the event that the homeowner is authorized to distribute electricity It will be connected to the electricity distribution system of the electric company. by installing additional electricity meters for distribution

How to install solar panel roof?

normal solar panel Roof can be installed on any type of roof. including CPAC Monia tile roof, double corrugated sheet, flat sheet, concrete roof metal roof And if it’s good, it must be a house or roof in an open area. or not covered by large trees

How many solar systems are there and how are they different? What kind of solar roof do you use?

For anyone who wants to install a solar roof at home to save on electricity bills. And still confused about how to install solar (Solar) at home? How are each system different? Installing a solar system (Solar), which is the most worthwhile?

At present, there are 3 systems of solar installation: On Grid, Off Grid, and Hybrid.

1. On Grid system

It is a solar system that uses both electricity from electricity. and electricity generated from solar panels Suitable for homes that use electricity during the day. no battery Generate electricity and use it now. and can sell the power back to the Electricity Authority (for 1-phase power: the system does not exceed 5kW. and for the 3-phase power: the system does not exceed 10 kW.), which before installing solar (Solar), must ask for permission from the electricity At present, this system is the most popular. because the fastest return The cost is cheaper than the hybrid system (Hybrid), where the battery is still expensive, making the payback slower.

 2. Off Grid system

This off-grid solar system is not connected to electricity. Also known as Stand Alone system, does not require permission from the electricity. Suitable for places where electricity from electricity does not reach, such as remote areas, on high mountains, etc.

3. Hybrid System (Hybrid Grid)

This hybrid solar system is a mixture between Off Grid and On Grid systems, meaning that it uses electricity from both electricity. Light produced by solar panels and power from the battery In the event that the solar panel generates more electricity than the usage The battery will store electricity. and can be used during the night But the hybrid system will not be able to sell electricity to the government. Currently, the standard battery system and is safe still very high price causing a long payback period Therefore, it is not worth the investment.

Installation of an on-grid solar roof system, which is suitable for homes that use electricity during the day to produce and use electricity at all. no battery And if the power is left unused, it can be sold back to the government. May help reduce electricity costs by up to 60% depending on the system size and the behavior of electricity consumption. which can pay back the investment within 7-10 years

At present, the company provides installation services for solar roof systems such as SCG, which has installation procedures and services.

SCG Solar Roof Solution

  1. Before installing the solar roof (Solar), SCG has a Roof Health Check service, which is a roof inspection to prepare for the installation of solar (Solar), such as the strength of the roof structure, existing leak problems. which if there is a problem, will recommend Including service to repair and improve the roof to be in good condition before installing Solar (Solar) as well in order to keep the roof with the solar system (Solar) for a lifetime.
  2. Case-by-case solar roof installation design for maximum power generation
  3. Installation of solar roof (Solar) by a team of experts. Confident that there is no risk of leaking the Solar FIX system. Install solar without drilling the roof. Patented only by SCG, controlled by engineers from and is guaranteed by SCG.
  4. Apply for permission to install solar (Solar) from the government for the whole process.
  5. Have After Sales Service, check the system and clean the panel And can track the production of electricity in Real Time via SCG Solar Application.

Solar (Solar) SCG is available in 2 packages according to your interests.

SCG Solar Roof Solutions – Premium Package

You can be assured of excellent quality products. global standard

– Tier 1 Solar Panel, USA Technology

– 25-year warranty on solar panels and power generation (Product & Performance)

– Inverter ABB, Swiss technology, 10 year warranty

– Confident in installing solar (Solar) with SCG, the roof will not leak with Solar FIX, SCG’s only patent, 3 years installation warranty.

Reliable after-sales service

– System inspection and solar panel cleaning service for 3 years, once a year

– There is an Application to track the system’s operation in Real Time (SCG Solar Roof Application).

SCG Solar Roof Solutions – Smart Package

Confident with quality products at a pocket-friendly price

– High quality solar panel

– 12-year warranty on the solar panel (Product), energy efficiency (Performance) 25 years

– Inverter Huawei, 5 years warranty

– 1 year installation warranty

Reliable after-sales service

– 1 year system inspection and cleaning service once a year

– There is an application that can track the system’s operation in real time.