Smart Home Technology for Family Caregivers

Smart Home Technology for Family Caregivers

Smart home technology has proven to be advantageous to people of all ages. It has made lives convenient and easier for teenagers, working parents, and school-going kids. It has certainly made life easier for people older than 50 and the people who offer them care. Caregivers have been relying on smart technology for a long time now and it has proven to be successful.

Similarly, those people who cannot afford to hire a full-time nurse at home, with smart devices they can now offer care without even being there at home. This keeps individuals stress-free and makes day-to-day simple chores easier.

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Telehealth systems

Telehealth has become a popular means of communication between medical service providers and patients. It has particularly grown in popularity during the pandemic when most elderly are feared of catching an illness if they go to the hospital. You can track medical records, vital signs and other information like radiographic reports over the internet. It has also improved communication as patients can chat easily with the doctor without having to worry about standing in queues waiting for their turn which causes exhaustion. You can consult a doctor in the comfort of your home via a video chatting app.

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Medical management systems

With so many infectious diseases on the rise, doctors avoid hospitalizing patients except in extremely urgent conditions. They fear them catching other diseases along with their current condition. This is because now you can use medical management systems to monitor your health just like a nursing staff may do at a hospital. Not only do they monitor your health and vital signs but also record the data in a smartphone and send it to your healthcare provider. Upon observing any changes physicians can alter your medication.

Medication management system

Being non-compliant with taking medicine on time can have severe health consequences. Caregivers have a huge responsibility of giving their patients medication on time. It is also possible to forget taking medicine or taking a double dose of one mistakenly because of old age. With medicine management systems you can keep track of medicines and their schedule.

Smart fall detection systems

Falls can be detrimental to a person in their old age. This is why it is better to avoid falls and in case a fall occurs it should be immediately addressed and a full medical examination should be conducted. With smart fall detection systems falls can be detected as soon as they occur and the caregiver is immediately notified to take action. This system may also learn how mobile the user is and can detect any changes that occur.

Smart sleep sensors

Sleep is a major reason which determines our mental and physical health. Especially as you grow older you need to have a good sleep-wake cycle. Sleep sensors are good at measuring your sleep cycles, breathing during sleeping and heart rate patterns. Any anomaly will also be notified to the user so action can be taken to solve the issue before it gets worse. The caregiver can set up the sensors to send information to their phone so that they may keep a record of it and use it in case of emergencies.

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Smart body analysis systems

It is essential to have good knowledge about how your body is working. The major components that determine if your body is healthy or not are weight, BMI, heart rate, etc. You may also want to keep track of your lifestyle and see if it is getting sedentary. Smart body analysis systems help record the major components of your health and they may also suggest diet and exercise changes to improve your lifestyle.

Smart flooring

While fall detection systems may detect falls, you can prevent them by having smart flooring. These floors are sensitive to pressure and can track your movement all around the house. It determines this based on the weight of the individual. As soon as a fall is detected on the floor a notification is sent to the smartphone of the emergency contact or caregiver. This is not only a good idea for older individuals but also if you have kids in your house and you have to leave them home while you go to work.

Keyless entry

If you have a bedridden patient at home who requires company and you do not have time then this is a good idea for you. If you have a patient at home then you may want people to give them company. However, you may worry about how they would go and open the door. Keyless entry offers you the solution to this problem. The caregiver can lock and unlock the home door remotely with ease and convenience.

Water and mold monitoring systems

Among so many things to look after as a caregiver home maintenance may not be on your priority list as it should be. This can lead to the growth of molds and the breeding of other insects. This may have deteriorating effects on the patient’s already worsening health. It is essential to look after the house as much as your patient. With smart mold and water monitoring systems these systems are monitored and notification alerts are sent to the caregiver so they may be replaced as soon as possible.

Final thoughts

These smart products may be extremely useful for the elderly, patients, and caregivers. They make healthcare easier, precise and feasible. However, you need an internet connection to get real-time updates. You can browse the best internet packages and get one if you choose to switch to smart healthcare systems.

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