Slay in These Stunning Medium-Length Hairstyles for Every Face Shape

Slay in These Stunning Medium-Length Hairstyles for Every Face Shape

Every woman’s hair is her crowning glory, and sometimes, it represents her story. We see a lot of women with different styles, colors, and lengths. Having a bald head is even a trend these past few years associating it with different hair colors after a huge recent event that happened in their lives.

Women love to be different and special. Those who have short ones are known to be courageous and confident. While patience and tolerance are what it takes to have long hair. But medium-length hairstyles are perfect for every woman who is wild and free and loves to play in the hair salon.

Your Face Shape

You can never go wrong with any face shape when having medium-length hair. A lot of face shapes may vary when having short or long hair. However, women always settle for the best. We can always level up the style and rock the trends with that length. Never make the biggest mistake of your life- the wrong hairstyle.

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  1. Diamond shape– if you have this face, you may notice that you have a narrow forehead and a narrow chin. Your face is longer than it is wider. This face is the rarest of all the face shapes. You have the perfect face to rock the hottest and glamorous hair trends like curtain bangs. It balances your face by widening your forehead and elongating your face.
  2. Heart shape– this face is close to a round face shape. Heart faces have a wider forehead and cheek but have slender jawlines. Like Selena Gomez, you can slay that side bangs and a long bob or also known as “lob”.
  3. Oval shape– if you have this face, the sky’s the limit, girl. “With an oval face shape the world is your oyster,” says Thevenot. You basically look gorg on whatever hairstyle your heart tells you, like Kim Kardashian. You can try a blunt bob if you’re feeling a little edgy.
  4. Round shape– with this face, you may notice it’s a lot more symmetrical than the other types of faces. Round faces are circular and shoulder-length or a tad bit longer hairstyles will look good on you.
  5. Square shape– with this face shape, your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw will have the same width. Just like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston, you will look amazing with a soft and tousled hairstyle.

Another thing to appreciate when having medium-length hair is its versatility. You can do ponytails, updos, braids, and coloring it with an ombre is perfect for medium-length hair. Literally, nothing can go wrong with a medium length.

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Try These Trendy Medium Length Hairstyles

  • Blunt Bangs- this hairstyle is famous among French models. This hairstyle is also called thick bangs. The blunt bangs-medium length combination makes your hair look thicker and draws attention to your eyes. Perfect hairstyle for someone who wants a youthful look.
  • Long Layers- this look is perfect for thick hair. It visually ‘breaks up’ your thick hair and adds more movement to it. It will look weightless and fresh.
  • Curls- with medium-length hair, you can show off those disheveled ringlets and show your curls in style.
  • Asymmetric Cut- if you want people to be attracted by your beauty, this hairstyle is for you. They are deliberately unbalanced that catches the attention of many.

Medium Hairstyles Are Never Wrong With The Right Salon

Women will always be beautiful and they never give trust to anyone when it comes to their hair and anything else that can affect their beauty. Confidence will always be their power to face society and everything in life.

With the right hair styling professionals who know what’s best for you and know how to take your style in another direction, you will always slay that medium-length hairstyle. Confidence at its finest and beauty in its greatness.