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Signs your past is affecting your present relationship.

“Do not think about the past”, and you might have heard this often from your surrounding people. Well, they are not wrong at all. Living with your history and constantly thinking about past moments, lost in memory from the past, is not suitable for your future. It could unearth many hidden emotions, which could drastically affect your present relationship. It is commonly seen in divorce remarriage, and it is difficult for people to get over their past and live with their present.

Many emotional scars from your past relations can ruin your present situations; there is a possibility that your past is full of emotional trauma for you; it could be domestic violence, which makes you harmful for all your relationships. Everyone cannot let go of their past, especially in second Shade widows that haven’t come up further from their previous partner’s memories.

Things tell you are still in your past and affecting your present.

  • You still check their belongings: when you keep on looking for your ex’s belongings and want to be with them or look on to their lives, your present partner gets annoyed. This would cause your relationships to crumble as no one likes to have a partner who dedicates time to the past.
  • Wanted to relive the past moments:you still feel for past trauma, has nightmare regarding previous mis-happenings, and have pain inside your heart for them. Some people experience it so intensively as if they are living in the past and fail to enjoy current happiness. This could be horrifying for you and your partner; getting you from your past is necessary. It constantly replays the same scenarios and memories in your mind that hamper your current relationship dynamics.
  • You tend to be in a cage: despite enjoying your present relationship, your personalities are different after a failed past one. You never open up and expect your partner to understand things without ever sharing anything with them.

Emotional baggage from past relationships

Past relations left an impression behind, and the trail of emotional attachments could have something in it. Still, one must be mentally prepared to deal with it before stepping ahead in a new relationship. It is not easy for everyone to get your from their past relationship, but if you have a zeal to deal with it, you may and can remove all the impressions.

There are specific patterns of behaviors in which the person feels remorse. For example, the person always wants to be wrapped with sadness, and one is full of negative emotions and thoughts in mind. Often, people are not even aware that they are carrying emotional baggage from past relations, which is affecting the present.

You may be convincing yourself that your past relationship is over, and no one is stopping you from enhancing your future. However, the reality could be different, as you still cannot stop thinking about past incidents. If you want to fly high and be happy in your present then leave everything behind for your happiness.

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