Should You Try Love Spells?

Should You Try Love Spells?

I remember the first time that I have heard about love spells. I was eavesdropping on my office mate’s story in the office. I was merely listening because of disbelief because I did not believe in love spells and anything related to it. Still, the things that I heard that day motivated me to research about it. I felt that maybe I wasn’t giving it the chance that it deserves. That’s when I found this link:

When I first heard my office mate’s story, I was curious. I had no use for love spells at that time because I was with someone whom I thought will love me forever. At that time, we were together for about a year and two months. I felt that we would stay the same for the rest of our lives. If I only knew what lies ahead, I would have used a love spell for marriage.

My curiosity about love spells was already piqued back then but when I started to feel that there’s something wrong with my relationship, that is the only time when I started thinking about it again.

My Relationship Story

About two years and seven months in our relationship, my partner started to feel distant. It was like a sudden thing. We were okay but then he suddenly switched jobs. He received a good offer from a rival company that he couldn’t pass up. About three months into the job, there was just something about him that was different.

We were living in together and he used to go home immediately after work. He started to give some excuses about the things that he needed to do in the office. When I would call him, he would not answer the phone. There were just too many changes that made everything suspicious.

One time, I learned from a distant friend that there was going to be a party in their office. They were allowed to bring guests but he never invited me. He said that it was exclusive for people in the office. To make a long story short, I went to the party and that is where I caught them.

The sad part is he never asked for forgiveness about what happened. He felt that it was his proper time to end the relationship. I still feel bad about the fact that he tried to justify what he has done. He made a list of all the things that he thinks is wrong with me. I was feeling down and didn’t feel like myself for months after the relationship ended.

Trying Love-Binding Spell

I never gave up on trying to fix the relationship that we used to have. I would still message him from time to time even if he never replies. I would ask some people about him so that I would stay updated. I never bothered him at work or I never went over to the apartment that he started renting after he moved out.

I remembered then that I would like to try casting love spells. The more that I researched about it, the more that I realized that I cannot do it on my own. I started to look at the different love spells available online. I realized that most people are saying that love spells are only as effective as the people who cast them. If I would cast the spells on my own, I will not get anything out of it.

I was intent on using a love-binding spell. I felt that this is the only way to make my boyfriend realize that the relationship is worth saving. I needed him to realize that I am the person that he should spend the rest of his life with. Based on the different love spells, this was the type of love spell that I resonated with the most. I felt that it would give me what I have always wanted.

Spellcaster Maxim prepared me for the day when the spell casting would take place. I had to do fasting first before proceeding. I also had to make the effort to refrain from drinking alcohol. This wasn’t so hard because unlike other people who got heartbroken, I didn’t see the need to drink alcohol then. By the time that the spell was ready to be cast, I was emotionally ready for it.

Lunar Binding Love Spell

I chose the lunar-binding love spell out of all the binding spells available. I had to create poppets that would represent me and my ex-boyfriend. I took time in choosing the right color of the wax. I wanted to make one in his favorite color but apparently, I can only choose between red and pink. I chose red and just placed some portions of the items that he left behind on his poppet. This would supposedly make the poppet more like him and would represent him better when the love spell is being done.

Love Spells Work

From a skeptic who did not believe in any type of love spell, I think that I did great in understanding all of the things that I needed to do. I did things perfectly from the tips that I should do before the spell casting to the things I had to do while the spell casting was taking place and so much more. I had to make sure that I was patient after the spell casting. I was warned that it will take time. It took a couple of months before my ex-boyfriend started hinting that he would like to communicate again.

I was contemplating on whether I should welcome him with open arms or not. I was told that I should because this is what I asked for from the universe. This means that now is not the best time to show how hurt I was because of everything that happened. It was something I worked hard on while he was not around and it is still something that I can always work on to maintain the peace between us.

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