Running a Delivery Fleet: 4 Tips for Managing Orders

Running a Delivery Fleet: 4 Tips for Managing Orders

As a fleet manager, you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. You have to ensure customer satisfaction, driver safety, and product safety. Furthermore, you have to balance keeping costs low while providing your team members with all the tools they need to do the job efficiently.

Providing your fleet with the right accessories makes life a lot easier for you and your drivers. Furthermore, boosting your efficiency will help you to grow your customer base and gain a competitive edge. Continue reading to learn about some tools you can use to help manage your fleet and orders.

1. Implement an electronic shipment tracking system.

When customers order something online like a new gaming controller for their Playstation 5 or smartphone, their wait can feel like waiting on Christmas. After all, who doesn’t like getting new stuff? One way to build trust with your customers is to enable them to track their shipments using your system. The key is to find the right software developer to add a shipment tracking system to your website and IT infrastructure.

Many tracking systems provide customers with a map they can use to pinpoint the exact location of their delivery. Employing a shipment tracking system is a great way to boost consumer confidence in your delivery services.

2. Track your fleet with telematics technology.

You probably use a GPS app regularly to get directions to places which you’ve never been. You can use that same technology to track and manage your fleet of vehicles. Telematics technology goes a bit farther than your run-of-the-mill GPS. Not only can you use it to monitor the location of your fleet, but it also provides driver and vehicle data.

Telematics technology is a great way to promote driver safety in your company. These systems record real-time data from the vehicle while it’s in operation and sends the data to your company’s operating system. Then, you can use that data to get your customer’s new gameplay must-haves to them more efficiently.

Telematics platforms are capable of telling you how fast your drivers travel, how much pressure they apply to their brakes, and how fast they turn corners. Fleet management devices allow you to avoid damaging fleet costs by enabling you to monitor driver behavior and hold your team accountable.

3. Provide fleet drivers with the right tools.

Your delivery drivers are the backbone of your fleet company. So anything you can do to make their job easier will also make your company more efficient. For instance, providing company smartphones is a great way to encourage better communication between your drivers and dispatch.

Providing your drivers with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets enables you to provide them with the apps they need to manage orders. For example, fleet management apps allow you to program delivery routes and estimate how much time each will take to complete. Customers can even sign for their deliveries on mobile devices, whether they’re awaiting a new Bluetooth headset or a PC games bundle.

If you want to maximize your team’s potential, equip them with the right technology. An investment in your team is an investment in your company.

4. Use data science to optimize operations.

Data science has many real-world applications, including in the logistics industry. One great application for data science in logistics is preventive maintenance.

As you know, a malfunctioning vehicle can lead to unplanned downtime. Predictive analytics uses historical and real-time data to predict equipment failures before they happen, allowing you to schedule maintenance accordingly.

You can build a successful small business in the logistics industry with the right tools, company culture, and personnel. Prioritizing efficiency and customer service is the best way to grow your brand. Providing your fleet manager and drivers with the right tools is the first step to building a great business with staying power.

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