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Romantic Birthday Cake Ideas For Wife – Make Her Day Special

We, humans, tend to get all excited for our birthdays as well as for the ones, we love. We make sure that their birthdays go as per what they had exactly wished for – from gifts, decorations, food to the birthday cake. One such beloved person who deserves all the happiness of the world is your wife. She goes far and beyond in her efforts to keep her husband, her in-laws and her children happy. Hence she deserves to get pampered with a surprise birthday party with a romantic birthday cake to commemorate her special day. Why romantic? Because birthdays are one of those special days wherein love, affection or romance gets best conveyed to the other person over a scrumptiously baked yet appealing cake. If you are running out of some fantastic yet romantic cake ideas for a birthday cake for wife, then here you go. We have shortlisted some of the best ones for you. Take cues and get your personal baker at work, straight away.

  1. Branded Wifey Cake – If you love her, then we bet, you love pampering her too with some exclusive goodies from some reputed lux brands. That is the reason we would suggest you pamper her with a designer brand birthday cake. Get your baker to design a fondant cake incorporating her favourite apparel brand logo and goodies in it. 
  2. Heart-Shaped Cake – Speaking of love, one cannot possibly go wrong with pampering your wife with a heart-shaped cake having unmatched taste and appeal. You can get a heart-shaped cake made in her favourite flavour to make her birthday super special. 
  3. Red Velvet Cake – Nothing speaks of love as the colour red, which is why having a scrumptiously baked red velvet cake for her birthday will be indeed a great idea. When the colour of romance comes in a birthday cake, you’re guaranteed to sweep your wifey off her feet – that too, even on her birthday. 
  4. Alphabet Cake – Get her birthday cake shaped in the initials of her name and topped up with tonnes of yumminess with mascarpone cream, colourful sprinkles, gems, candies and lots more. Alphabet cakes are much needed by everyone due to its fancy, sophisticated appeal and its drool-worthy toppings. 
  5. Birthday Photo Cake – No doubt that her birthday is surely going to be picture-perfect, but what about her birthday cake? Wouldn’t she love a picture-perfect, dream come true luscious birthday cake? Get a beautiful photograph printed on a toothsome cake for her birthday to make her feel super special. This beautiful picture over the cake gets printed with edible ink, which makes it perfectly fine to be relished with immense joy. 
  6. Floral Birthday Cake – Every woman has a special liking for flowers be it as their gifts or over their birthday cake. So, you can absolutely think of pampering your loving wifey with a floral birthday cake made in fondant or buttercream variety. Or you can even ask your baker to top up the birthday cake with some edible flowers. A tempting birthday cake, as a floral cake is sure to leave her happy teary-eyed for sure.
  7. Tier Birthday Cake – Something extraordinary as a tier cake, made with some yummy toppings and in her favourite flavour is sure to let her secretly know how special as a person, here is. You can get each tier covered with fondant or with some fresh whipped cream coating. 

The Bottom Line

Most of us tend to love giving our wives a surprise. Imagine a scenario where you put on an act wherein you have forgotten about her birthday. However, as soon as she starts getting angry, the doorbell rings and she gets the birthday cake, flowers, chocolates and other gifts delivered! Yes, when you order cake online, you will be able to pull off a surprise in front of your wife exactly like this one.

So, these were some of our suggestions for romantic birthday cakes for wifey. Which one are you planning to go with to surprise your darling wifey to the core?

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