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Residential Care Facility For The Elderly

The population equation in India is changing rapidly. So far, the number of people growing old is increasing in the country. According to the census data, the number of people over the age of 60 is estimated to increase to 17.3 crores, by 2025. Therefore, elder care becomes a crucial task! However, most family members are not capable enough or trained well to give the required care and nutrition to the elderly. With this, care at home seems a good option to ensure better health for senior citizens. 

Residential Care Facilities: Need of The Hour

With a growing trend of nuclear families, life has become quite difficult for the elderly. Many seniors are forced to live alone. Census figures show that about 1.5 crore elderly people are living alone. While most senior citizens don’t get a nutritious diet on time, others are suffering from loneliness, which causes depression and other mental deformities, affecting their physical health badly. Experts say loneliness and isolation can lead to mental health problems like depression. Worryingly, the depression rate among the elderly in India is at a high rate of 21.9%, while globally the figure is between 5 to 16 percent.

With this, health care services become the need of the hour, and seems the only reliable option to ensure a better lifestyle for the elderly. 

Importance Of Caring For The Elderly

Old age can be a difficult experience, especially when the health starts deteriorating and seniors become dependent on others for their daily activities. This is the time when the elderly need the most care. Although many times people are not capable of taking care of their elderly due to modern constraints of life, they can always opt for Elder Home Care suitable for the smooth functioning of their lives.

Moreover, there are many benefits of home health care. It is more convenient than other ways of elderly care. Nursing care at home helps a patient recover quickly, as it has been found that people recover from their illness when surrounded by loved ones.

Benefits of Residential Care Facilities

From the basic services such as an attendant and physiotherapy at home, to advanced services such as ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and chemotherapy, residential care facilities, also known as home nurse service, provide it all to the elderly at home. These services help in other things as well such as transportation, admission, billing, help with leave, and later seeing a doctor. They also help in purchasing and taking care of medicines and other health equipment. Not only this, they make sure to make their life filled with fun and enjoyment through various entertainment programs and activities. Here’re some notable benefits of home nurse service:

  • Caregivers in residential care facilities supervise the diet and nutrition of your beloved elderly. A home health care nurse is important to support the senior citizens in your absence.
  • Skilled caregivers ensure that the elders are happy and engaged and don’t let them feel alone and neglected. They provide all the caring in the comfort of your home by different ways of socialisation and engaging activities. 
  • Nursing care at home helps manage chronic health conditions and may also prevent unnecessary hospitalization.
  • Home care nursing services also help provide at-home recovery care after a hospital stay for illness or injury.
  • It provides individual focus and support to the patient.
  • Customers get better health results in most cases.
  • Other things like drug management, risk management, etc. are also provided under this.

Apart from the common benefits, caregivers also ensure that elders don’t feel socially disconnected. Hence they arrange visits to religious places, showing films, and visiting interesting local or outdoor places. Homecare services also provide them with some common services, including taking the elderly to their relatives’ houses or helping them to attend a family wedding.

By keeping them socially active, caregivers try to keep them away from loneliness and mental illnesses. 

The Bottom Line

The cost of home care nursing services may vary depending on the severity of the disease and the duration of service sought. Yet the cost of home care nursing services is anywhere from 20% to 50% cheaper than hospitalization. If you’re also looking for an affordable and trusted residential care facility for your beloved elderly, connect with Emoha- an one-stop solution for eldercare. You can reach out to them at 1800-123-445555 or [email protected].

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