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Red Tiger Slot Releases that are Worth Playing

When it comes to choosing the absolute best slot games in 2021, it is hard to beat the reputation that Ret Tiger boasts! They have been around for years and never cease to amaze us with the inventive slot themes and titles, so if you are looking for something new to try then Red Tiger is an excellent choice! However, they have well over 100 slots to choose from so it can be intimidating to pick one – play online slots UK today.

Need a hand? Do not worry, we have got your back. Here is a list of our three favourite Red Tiger Slot releases that are worth playing. We are going to be taking a look at:

  Rocket Men

  Thor’s Lightning

 Snow Wild and the 7 Features 

Thor’s Lightning

Let’s start things off with Thor’s Lightning – this game features a rarely found epic winter theme, with symbols made up of rune stones, Thor’s hammer and other mythical concepts! This slot really stands out for its interesting use of 7×7 reel grid, as opposed to the classic 3×5. We love this – Red Tiger always stand out when it comes to slot machine innovation, and Thor’s Lightning is no exception to this! Furthermore, the game includes bonus features, opportunities for free spins and epic multipliers. What more could you want from a slot game? How about an enormous 1,800x potential stake multiplier! Amazing stuff.

Rocket Men

As we already mentioned, one of Red Tiger’s specialities is making creative slot titles and themes, and Rocket Man is no exception to this! This is a very much slapstick-themed slot game full of weird and wacky cartoon concepts such as:

  A burger filled with Dynamite

A Lap Dancers Bum

Ducks wearing army helmets

This is a perfect example of Red Tiger’s wacky sense of humour. However, it’s not just about theme – Rocket Men includes tons of epic features that make it a fantastic slot game to choose, such as a whopping five bonus features, tons of opportunities for free spins, and a seriously big potential multiplier of 1,000x your stake! Truly a brilliant game.

Snow Wild and the 7 Features

You’ve probably just read the title of this section and laughed your head off – so did we when we first heard about it! This is yet another example of Red Tiger’s epic sense of humour and ability to innovate on classic slot game themes. As the name suggests, the theme is based around Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and it will be no surprise to you that the game features…well, seven features! The game has a versatile range of bets available from the minimum of 50p to a whopping maximum bet of £500, and there is tons of opportunities for re-spins, free spins and symbol swaps. So, what are the seven features offered in this game? We are going to stop you right there – we do not want to ruin all of the surprise, so to find out you’re just going to have to try the game out for yourself!

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