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Protecting your injury claim in Roseville: Take these steps

Did you suffer injuries in a slip & fall accident in Roseville while walking on someone’s property? Did another ram into your vehicle? Are you dealing with the outcome of medical negligence? You may have an injury claim against the other party. Initiating the lawsuit may seem like a daunting task, but what you do immediately after a mishap also has an impact on the outcome. You can click here to get a FREE review of your case. Here are some steps to take to protect your personal injury case in Roseville.

  1. Get medical attention. Even when your injuries are not catastrophic, don’t assume that you can skip medical care. Unless you speak to a doctor, you may not have a full diagnosis, and more often than not, accident injuries surface later. Always get proper treatment right after an accident or discovery of an illness. Also, follow the plan as suggested by your doctor, including physiotherapy and other rehabilitative treatments.
  2. Call an attorney. There are numerous law firms in Roseville that take up a personal injury and wrongful death claims. Look for an attorney who practices in your city and schedule an appointment. Most lawyers don’t charge a fee for the initial consultation, and you can talk about the aspects that matter for your case. The lawyer will also guide you on the missteps you can avoid at this point.
  3. Don’t talk to the claims adjuster. Always keep in mind that insurance companies are not here to help claimants. The claims adjuster wants you to sign a release or just be happy with the initial offer, which is unlikely to cover your damages. Consider letting your attorney take over the communications, and once the attorney is on board, you don’t have to give a statement.
  4. Gather the information available. As a client, you need to offer everything that your attorney can use to fight for your rights. If you have a smartphone, consider taking pictures of the accident scene immediately after the mishap and also document your injuries and other pertinent things that may have been contributing factors.

Your lawyer will ensure that you get a fair outcome for your case, but there are never any guarantees. Even the best lawyers cannot change every aspect of the circumstances. Be wary of how you choose to get legal help because you need someone who is honest, fair, and transparent from day one and will set realistic expectations.

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