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Popular Science Promotion of Wireless Mouse

Everyone is familiar with wireless mouse. It is a direct connection with the host equipment. It is through wireless signal transmission. It realizes the control and use of the host related programs. 

Since the mouse was born in 1968, it has experienced more than 40 years of development. The popularity of computers getting higher. The development of the mouse is accelerating. Their working methods have developed from a single mechanical roller. This is to the present diversification. Early mice only had mechanical rollers. But now the mainstream is photoelectric mouse and high-end laser mouse. The mouse change has brought new experiences to users. It conforms to the increase of people’s attention to the office environment. It conforms to the improvement of portability requirements for operation. The wireless mouse was born. 

We can divide wireless technology into different categories. This is according to different uses and different frequency bands. It includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and other wireless technology standards. For the current mainstream wireless mice, they are divided into two types: 2.4 G wireless mouse and Bluetooth wireless mouse. The former needs to insert a wireless receiver into the USB interface of the host. It can achieve the connection effect. The latter is connected to the built-in Bluetooth module. So it does not need a wireless receiver. Many wireless mice now are compatible with these two functions. 

There are differences between the two kinds of wireless mice. What are the main aspects of this difference?

What is the difference between them? The 2.4 G wireless mouse uses the technology of connecting. It is through the 2.4-2.485 GHz ISM wireless frequency band. It has high transmission efficiency, strong battery life and stable signal. There are many kinds of wireless mice on the market. For example, Logitech Grw Pro, Xiaomi Wireless Mouse, etc. They all contain 2.4 G wireless mouse technology. 

Bluetooth mouse is used in the same frequency band as 2.4 G wireless mouse. Bluetooth technology adds adaptive allocation technology to the latter technology. It achieves the purpose of realizing full duplex transmission mode. It can realize 1600 times/second automatic frequency modulation. As long as the brand products are of high quality enough, the use of Bluetooth mouse can be as sensitive as wired mouse. There are few types of Bluetooth mice. For example, HONOR Bluetooth Mouse belongs to its category. 

After reading this article, do you have a better understanding of the knowledge of wireless mouse? The development of wireless mouse is continuing. New technologies may appear in the future to replace the current two. It’s unknown..

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