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Popular Korean Skin Care Trends to Try

Korean skin care has taken the world by storm with brands such as THEFACESHOP, Innisfree, 3CE and Etude House gaining popularity worldwide. They are known to be cult-favorites and holy grail products by many beauty bloggers, youtubers and make-up artists. If you are looking to try out these cult beauty favorites, here are some Korean beauty trends to try out!

Glass Skin with Cushion Application

Glass skin describes the look of having dewy smooth skin that looks like it is made of glass. Achieving this glass skin look focuses on having a good skincare regimen that cleanses your skin well and keeps it hydrated and dewy. Rather than packing on highlighter, you’re should be more focused on ensuring your skin is moisturized enough to glow with or without makeup. This can be attained with detailed cleansing, using light-weight products and the gentlest peeling solutions. Consistently using good quality sheet masks is also one of the basic to do’s of Korean beauty. You’ve most likely seen them all over social media sites already, but they’re benefit is greater than getting to post a mask selfie on social media.

If achieving glass skin through skincare is difficult, Korean beauty brand have dewy BB, CC creams and cushion foundation applicators to help. To use a cushion foundation, pump the formula with the help of the applicator. Position it in the center of the product and press gently. The dispenser will provide you with an ideal amount of the product. Utilize a dabbing movement to disperse it uniformly all over your face with the cushion. By doing this, you’ll get far more control over the application procedure rather than when making use of a make-up sponge.

Gradient Lips

While glossy lips are a fad in North America, South Korea’s gradient lip trend is a unique look that is worth trying out. To achieve gradient lips, place concealer or a light neutral color of lipstick around their lips, and mixing out a pink or red lipstick in the middle. This provides a balance in between an all-natural feeling and also a pop of shade. To give a glazed look, simply apply clear gloss over.


Aegyo-sal is a look created by having puffy under eyes that is believed to create an attractive and youthful appearance. In Korean, aegyo-salactually means eye smils. They think of these small under-eye fat pockets that appear when we laugh as charming and beautiful. This sensation is so popular, some Koreans even resort to cosmetic surgery to enhance these bags for that smiley eye look. This look can also be achieved without having to undergo plastic surgery. Just by highlighting your under-eye area and creating a darker shadow below it, you will certainly achieve a similar effect.

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