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Platehunter.com | Research Shows That Vehicle Cloning Is On Rise In Uk

Cloning is when a crook copies the registration number and details from one car to make up another of the same model. They can use this cloned number plate to get away with committing crimes that would be difficult or impossible for police to catch.

Number Plate Theft

If your number plate is stolen, you need to report the crime as soon as possible. This can help the police to find the thief and retrieve your plates for you.

Theft of your license plate is a serious offence. It can lead to many problems, including fines and tickets.

Anti-Theft Screws

There are a few ways to prevent it, such as using anti-theft screws. These are specially designed and can’t be unscrewed easily.

Another method is to park your vehicle in a garage or other secure place, wherever possible. This will give the thief no option but to leave your car where it is and will also alert the police to the fact that they have committed a theft.

These methods aren’t foolproof, but they will help to keep you safe. If you ever do have your number plates stolen, make sure you report the crime to the authorities and to DVLA. This can help to prevent identity theft and will also clear your name if you’re ticketed for any traffic violations.

Number Plate Cloning

Vehicle cloning is an illegal practice that is on the rise in the UK. It involves stealing someone else’s private number plates and then making up a new set of ones that look identical to the original.

Criminals often use cloned cars to commit crimes like theft, fraud or even selling them on to unsuspecting buyers. This is why it’s important to be aware of the dangers and take steps to prevent you becoming a victim.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

A recent study found that the cloning of private number plates is on the increase and is linked to an uptick in Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. These cameras can read and recognize plates to check them against databases used by the DVLA and other authorities.

This makes it easier for criminals to clone cars and avoid paying fines or congestion charges, so you need to be extra vigilant. And remember, if you have been involved in a crime with a stolen car, you can report it to the police. They will then add a marker to the Police National Computer database so that if officers see the cloned car, they can potentially stop it and verify who’s driving it.

Number Plate Fraud

Number Plate Fraud is a serious problem and one that is affecting many motorists in the UK. It is a form of identity theft where criminals steal or duplicate the private number plates of a vehicle that doesn’t belong to them, and then use it to commit other crimes or get out of parking fines and speeding tickets.

In a recent report the AA warned that cloning of number plates was on the increase as older, polluting cars are being sold with fraudulent registrations. The DVLA has said it takes the crime very seriously and is working to clamp down on it.

The DVLA says it’s also getting better at finding and tracking fraudsters, with the organisation having a computer system that stores 56 million possible combinations of words for the Personalised Registration Team to check. As well as this, the DVLA is looking at ways to help motorists avoid cloning of their registration plates.

Number Plate Appeals

Vehicle cloning is on the rise in the UK and is causing major annoyance for innocent drivers. It is the practice of replicating a private number plate on a car that does not belong to you, often for the purpose of committing crimes or getting out of traffic and parking fines.

It is an illegal trade that can lead to criminal convictions. In many cases, criminals will use stolen car plates to replicate the private number of a car that is not their own.

Alternatively, they can use an unregistered vehicle to duplicate a plate of the same make and model. This allows the criminal to pass ANPR cameras on the road without triggering an alert, and commit crimes with it.

Final Words:

The law of the UK states that a person is guilty until proven innocent and the onus is on the innocent to prove their innocence. This is a difficult task for victims of cloning who are bombarded with speeding and parking tickets that they cannot afford to pay.

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