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Painting Cost For Landed Properties

While most Singaporeans live in HDBs and apartments, the painting price may be approximated based on our previous experience with millions of HDBs and condo houses. Here you may see HDB painting expenses and condominium painting prices. The expense of coloring a landed property may reach $15,000 or more. HDB painting services Singapore is so expensive because of some factors.

Reasons Why Painting Landed Properties Are So Costly:

1) Exterior Wall Painting: It is the major factor why private coloring land is more expensive than shading an HDB and condo. Since the outside walls are exposed to the weather, rust thrives under these conditions. Because Singapore is a beach country where rain often falls every year, and the high sun acts on the outside roofs, you require long-lasting color that can preserve your outside surfaces. Another thing to keep in mind is usually the many sides you have towards your external walls, increasing the price.

2) Scaffolding: The need for scaffolding for residential land contributes to the high cost of external wall repainting. Scaffolding comes in three varieties that painting companies often use.

3) Two Or More Coat: The majority of landed homes in Singapore are two categories, but we have colored one and triple-step houses in the past. This implies there are many more inside surfaces to be painted. The more roof surfaces there are in your home, the further worker and paint we will need to purchase. Some landed homes contain a lot of additional internal walls, which raises the price.

I understand that you would not be interested when I tell you that coloring your landed property would price around $15K. However, the problem is, mostly not landed houses will hit that value. We will demand on seeing before estimating for land ownership since we cannot provide a quotation without personally looking and accessing the entire landed property.

6 Professional Steps for Landed Houses Exterior Painting Services:

Arranged Scaffolding

Well, before the coloring procedure begins, we must get access to the website to guarantee the protection of our workers and clients.

Cleaning and Washing

When we started preparing for external wall repainting, we used a pressurized plastic pipe to thoroughly wash all exterior siding to ensure that any broken coatings, fungus, and other contaminants were wiped away.

Fixing the Wall

Our painters who specialize in landed-home artwork will begin by scraping off any old paint as well as patching up any apparent surface cracks.

Painting Works

Our experts will uniformly apply one layer of priming as well as two coats of exterior paint color to all outer walls. We would do a last check across the home to verify that all colors are applied and distributed evenly on all external walls.

Cleaning Up Is Important.

  • Rigging was removed.
  • Clear and discard any rubber drop sheets and fabric used to protect the ground.
  • Most paints and tools are being packed.
  • Final check before handing off.

Walk around the home with the client to verify whether we have provided excellent home painting services and achieved good customer service.

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