Packing and moving tips that will make your move drop-dead simple!!!

Packing and moving tips that will make your move drop-dead simple!!!

Congratulations on buying your dream house, now it is time to move to your dream home. Relocation means there are numerous numbers of tasks to complete in a short duration. The key tip for a successful move is organization. Staying organized during the entire moving process is only the way to relocate with ease. You have to make a plan for each and everything so that you can move your possessions with ease without breaking anything. Like whether you want to hire full-service movers or will have a DIY move by using best moving helper to save your cost and so on. Check out these tips to make your DIY move smoother and efficient.

Start sorting items into categories 

Don’t mess up belongings with each other. There are different types of items present in your home but if you don’t sort out these then everything will become disorganized and messy.

Get rid of items as much as you can 

Packing all your present possessions into boxes can be overwhelming and can make the entire process complex. The fewer items you have to move, the more organized your relocation will be. Consider this is a decluttering opportunity and if you are low on budget then you can also consider holding a backyard sale which will help you to earn money while relocating your items.

Make a checklist 

Having a proper checklist is the best way to make your relocation hassle-free and safe. When you have a to-do list ready with you along with the assigned timeframe then it will be easier for you to complete all the moving tasks and you will also stay organized. It will also help save your time.

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Start packing in advance 

Usually, people know about their house relocation a few months before. There are limited chances when one has to move in a short period. If you start packing ahead of time then you will have more time for yourself too. First, pack the off-season items so that you will not miss the rest of the items. Like if you are moving in the summer season then packing winter coats is just an ideal option.

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Book services earlier 

According to your preferences and what kind of services you require, make sure you start your research for moving companies or labor companies ahead of time. This will increase the chances of hiring the right moving services for your move. Also, contact your utility providers to transfer all your utilities to a new place. Also record all the requests that you have made.

Have one catchall box 

Even you start packing earlier and made all your efforts to put one category of items in one box and then the other one in the other box. Still, there are some leftover items which you find at the last moment and it belongs to a box which is sealed already. Then it is great to pack this item into a catchall box. It will also make the unpacking and finding of the items easier. Like when you look for a specific item and you don’t find it in its category box then you just have to find out it in a catchall box. It will make the packing, unpacking, and settling in easier and more organized.

Schedule a good moving day 

Yes, it might be weird but there are both good and bad moving days and if you are hiring movers then to get their services at a less cost, you should pick a mid-month or mid-week day. At weekends and the end of the month, there will be more traffic at movers and they will not be much interested in offering you special services also you will have limited choices of moving only labor companies to pick.

Update address

This is one of the most important things to do during relocation. You should do it before one week to start your life there. Change your address ahead of time so that bills along with other important documents can be reached at your new address without any hassle. This ensures that you don’t miss any important document which could make you regret later.

Labeling is important 

To handle and find out stuff with ease, it is important to label all your packed boxes accurately. Don’t label at the top of the box because when you will stack up the boxes, you won’t be able to check the labeling, therefore it should be done at all the sides of the boxes. Label according to the category and room which will make the unpacking easier and smoother.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Yes, moving is quite a very complicated process but luckily certain hacks will make packing and moving easier. Getting the help of labor services is great so that you can also find time for yourself when doing all the moving-related tasks.

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