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Online IB Tuition – is it for you?


Learning is a basic need and right of humans. Learning is a very important part of human life yet it is not very easy for everyone. Some people cannot understand easily. They need some assistance with concept building.

Students need focus and dedication to master difficult subjects. Dedication comes slowly when students are able to understand difficult subjects and concepts. Conceptual studies are very important. It makes a person’s perception very strong and wide about the subject matter. Students can also work on their weak points by taking some tuition classes concerning that specific subject. Tuition can help a person a lot if one can find the right tutor.. They create a student’s focus and interest in an otherwise dry and boring subject. Economics is a difficult conceptual subject to master, which requires the ability to have both abstraction and application. The development of cognitive thinking is difficult in one’s early years and an excellent tutor can help hone it.

IB economics tuition provider is one such highly experienced institute. This institute is founded in 1998. They build trust in students by achieving high scores in the final examinations. They provide IB & JC A-Level Economics Tuition Singapore by Kelvin Hong, who is an experienced professional in the field of teaching with many achievements. Mr Kelvin Hong’s way of teaching is very impressive as he focuses on the impact of student learning through collaborative study.

Online offerings and services

Delivering top-quality economics tuition with the help of experienced skilled teaching staff, and together with a top AI driven education system, the tuition has now gone fully online. The online system has enabled deep customisation and personalisation of revision resources and even weekly assignments. The results have been amazing and students are never disappointed. They obtained magnificent results due to the devotion to their learning. They improved themselves in months. Many graduates of this programme are serving in the mainstream business in the country and outside. Some are policymakers and others are professionals. They learn the skills and tactics of business from the institute. However, it is not all work and no play. Mr. Hong never fails to amuse his teachers and students through his intelligence and humour.


Your child deserves the best. You can make him or break him by planning his future in the right hands or wrong. Your child will be in safe hands if you enrolled your child in an excellent IB economics tuition programme and should consider online options too. They allow alot of flexibility in term of schedule and also customisation according to needs through online diagnostic tools such as pop quizzes. Many providers also offer video recording replay function and hence unlike physical lessons, it is possible to replay a lesson to run through what has been taught as very often, we need to hear it a few times to fully understand a new concept. Finally, in this time of pandemic, the advantages of online tuition is even more obvious.

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