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One Online Running App – Multiple Uses

Have you ever heard of an app being good at multitasking? Well, now you’re going to. Introducing Vingo, the latest and the best online running app. With a lot of cool features making up the app, Vingo is set to revolutionise the fitness world in one big swoop. Now, let’s look into how the app works and how it could change your life forever.

Continuous Fitness Tracker

On Vingo, you can track your progress over days and months and even years to keep your body in check. The app uses the latest technology such as ANT+ sensors and interactive UI to track your body’s overall shape and size. The ANT+ sensors, as you know, will monitor your speed, heart rate, blood pressure, all taken from your smart device and processed through the app. The app will then suggest ways to improve your performance every day.

Personalised Fitness Motivator

If you like to hit your treadmill all the time, then this Indoor running app will keep you motivated to ride more. The app uses Virtual Reality to turn your exercise into an adventure. You can go on long and slow runs along the Mongolian plains or go on a tough climb on the foothills of Iceland’s volcanoes. By turning your exercise into an adventure your sense of frustration goes away. You feel motivated to explore the virtual world, rather than string at the same blank wall while running on your treadmill.

Your Expert Guide for Running & Cycling

Vingo is your best Online running guide. It will guide you on how to improve your form and mileage with ease. Furthermore, the app uses smart AI to monitor your progress every day. by keeping your progress in check, it will help you understand more about your body and help you improve your fitness regime. You can trust the app to give you solid advice on how long and how fast to run to burn off those extra calories you chugged in last week.

Your Personal Virtual Trainer

Vingo is a Virtual Reality app and a Virtual Trainer. This intuitive app will create your own unique reality where you can train to your heart’s content. If you are an introvert and you want a quiet time for yourself while working-out, then this is the app for you. Go on and select your favourite locations in the app and start running inside them. hit the mute button and no one else in the app will disturb you. you can watch the app coming up with your progress and decide for yourself on how to improve.

A Complete Social Media

Vingo is more than a running or cycling app, it is a social media in itself. Everyday, thousands of people come online on Vingo and have their own private space to work-out. You can join them and team up with them. you can also get motivated by them. Also, you can invite your friends and family into it.

Stop wasting time and enter the world of fitness today.

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