Off Leash Training: How to Train Your Dog To Listen Off Leash

Off Leash Training: How to Train Your Dog To Listen Off Leash

Whether you have got a puppy or an adult dog, we are going to walk you through how to train them, all the most important things they need to know in just 30 days. Things like house training stopping, puppy biting stopping, jumping. All of their basic obedience like, stay, calm, loosely walking, getting their attention and distracting places and more.

And to train your dog all you are going to need is some amazing dog treats. What I love about these treats is they are 95% beef liver the other 5% is pea protein to make them form into nice easy palatable treats. These are perfectly dry it’s easy to keep these all around the house so they are easily accessible.

Greetings to my readers! I am from 360 dog walker. In today’s article I am going to write for you some of the steps you need to take to get your dog to listen to you everywhere without a leash.

Leash awareness

I want to talk quickly about what’s called leash awareness, highly technical term, talking about being aware of the leash, the dog being aware. So this is a loose leash. There’s no tension on that. It’d be exactly the same. If it was just being dragged on the ground, just like my long line is going to be. But if the leash is tight, the dogs can feel tension. And they know that we are controlling them through that. And if I want to get my dog, listening to me without having to use that leash, it’s important in my training that I make sure it goes tight. I may fix it, but we are not going anywhere that leashes loose.

Patience is the key to success

You will need to teach your dog how to come to you no matter where you are and that’s an essential part of off-leash training. But it’s kind of hard to practice if you just let your dog off leash and hope they come back. That’s the worst way to train this to your dog.

So when you are teaching your dog to come to you it’s important to use an enthusiastic inviting happy voice. No need to become harsh with them. When you teach your dog make sure you are in a good mood and you are tolerating your dog while training him.

Using treats to train your dog

Use treats when you teach your pup. Every time you teach your dog new things offer him a treat. You go to an open place with your dog and release his leash for some times then call him towards you like showing him a treat. When he will come towards you say enthusiastically ‘hey good boy’ ‘good dog’ ‘nice job’ etc and give him a treat. Do it 3 or 4 times and after that call him with a good voice without treats, and see what he does.

It’s really important to ask your dog to come to you if they come to you outside always reward them in the early stages. Because right then you may as well not even have him on leash he doesn’t even know there’s a leash attached but there’s no reason to skip it because you never know when something is going to throw your dog off.


Training your dog to listen to you outside and off-leash is a big achievement for the dog owners. It’s not one day work it takes time and hard work as well. All you need to be consistent and be nice to your dog. Our team does a great job with training dogs if you want to know more about dog related trainings visit our website 360 do walker.