My Pet Dog

My Pet Dog


Every person is fond of pets as they treat them as companions for life. Among all the pets, dogs are considered as the loyal and friendly creatures who show utmost care to their master. Dogs show their affectionate quality towards children and protect them like a human being. Children have dogs as their first friend in their childhood. Even though dogs have a short lifespan they create a great impact on humans for life. Due to their special sense characteristics they are used for protection purposes. Dogs are the only animals that are used in armed forces to detect any harmful objects used by enemies. They play an important role in detecting bombs and other dangerous substances.

These characters make dogs stand unique from all other animals. My pet dog essay speaks about the various reasons one can raise a dog as their pet. This essay is helpful for children to understand more about the dog.

My Pet Dog

During my childhood, I was very afraid of dogs because of their ferocious nature and the loud barks they make during nights. I used to hide whenever I saw my neighbour’s dog. Even Though our neighbour’s dog made a pleasant gesture, I never had the courage to go near it. Later one evening, when I was playing with my friends I heard an animal cry near my house. I immediately went in search of the sound, and to my shock I saw our neighbour’s dog crying in pain as it got hurt in its leg. I was not sure about going near it but couldn’t see its pain so went and held it. Itt immediately stopped crying and looked into my eyes and felt relieved. I cleaned the wound and tied a bandage to it. Since then, my fear of dogs disappeared and I played a lot with my neighbour’s dog.

During my college, I finally decided to have a pet for myself. I understood that dogs are the best companions one can have and convinced my parents to adopt a dog. The best day of my life was 12th March 2010 when I adopted my pet dog and named it “Scampy”. It was a little one when I bought it home  and made cute gestures and sounds whenever I was around. I took the complete responsibility of looking after scampy. There was a daily routine of taking it for walk, bathing,feeding,etc. My parents were happy with scampy and all of us used to go out for long drives, restaurants, etc. It became a member of our family within no time.

The saddest day of my life was the day scampy left us forever. I felt like a part of me was no more. It took a lot of time for me to get over it and move on in my life. To continue my love for my scampi, till today I make donations to dog shelters, feed the stray dogs but could not adopt another dog.


Scampy made me realise that we should always share love and care to others just like how he did to me. It was the most loyal creature and my best friend for life. Hence, I would always suggest my near ones to adopt a pet as it would give both a companion and a family.

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