Moving Quickly and Efficiently: 8 Tips

Moving Quickly and Efficiently: 8 Tips

Whatever the size of your move is, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming and complicated. With the right approach to planning, it’s possible to take the frustration out and add satisfaction to the moving process.

Many people don’t realize how easy the move can be if they do simple things in advance. From knowing how to pack quickly to working with the right assistance, easy tips can help you make the most out of your move.

Whether your move is 5 days or 5 months away, this advice can prove to be extremely valuable. Let’s take a close look at what you can do to speed up and simplify your move.

1. Find the Right Team

Handling a move on your own is nearly impossible. Even if you are planning a small move, you need assistance. You have two options to choose from:

  •         Invite friends and family members
  •         Hire professional movers

While working with your friends can save you some money, hiring a moving company can ensure the speed and efficiency of your move. Take the time to find a company with a reasonable price tag in your area.

2. Plan for Moving Large Items

If you are moving sizeable furniture or a piano, you need to do some careful planning. Heavy and large items require a special approach. Remember, lifting heavy belongings without special equipment can be dangerous for your health. Make sure to invite friends who can handle the heavy lifting or hire a moving company.

If you plan to save on the move by getting help from friends, consider hiring professional movers for relocating a piano. The cost of piano moving isn’t high. However, if you damage it during a DIY move, repairs can be expensive. 

3. Pack in Advance

Packing can be time-consuming unless you take it one step at a time. No matter how much time you have left until the move, you should start packing immediately. Make sure to find the right packing supplies.

To cut costs, you can get free moving boxes from liquor stores (they tend to have heavy-duty boxes to hold heavy bottles) or U-Haul box exchange. Make sure to label each box properly to make unpacking at the new location easier.

4. Declutter Your Property

People have a tendency to keep a variety of unnecessary items in their homes and offices. These things take up space but serve little to no purpose.

When the time comes to move to another location, carrying these items with you is counterproductive. They’ll just continue to take up space in a new home while you need to spend extra time and money on moving them.

Find several hours to declutter your house. You can either throw out, donate, or give away the items you don’t need.  Many charities, like Salvation Army, arrange free donation pickups.

5. Make a Plan

As soon as you set the moving date, you can start planning your move. Without a plan, the process will go much slower. You also risk forgetting something important.

Take the time to make a list of things that need to be done before the move. According to experts from Torex Moving, a clear plan can speed the move up by as much as several hours.

Create a timetable and stick to it.

6. Save Money

The cost of the upcoming move shouldn’t take a huge toll on your budget. Take the time to plan the move and find out how to save money without hindering the quality of the process. Some of the easiest way to do it include:

  •         Get quotes from different companies in your area and compare them. Choose local movers over movers from other areas since they don’t charge for travel time.
  •         Find free packing supplies by asking in nearby stores and calling your friends.
  •         Opt for a mid-day move instead of an end-of-the-week move. Many companies are ready to offer discounts if you decide to move during an unpopular day of the week.

If you have friends with moving experience, you can save by arranging a DIY move. However, you have to keep in mind that such moves are usually more time-consuming than professional moves.

7. Plan the Moving Day Well

Making clear plans for the moving date can help speed up the process tremendously. Think about:

  •         Arranging food and water for yourself and the movers.
  •         Arranging for friends and family members to stay with young children and pets.
  •         Making sure all the last-minute packing is done in advance. On the morning of the moving day, all the boxes must be ready to go.

Don’t forget to warn all the relevant parties about your move in advance. Set up all communications (phone, internet) at the new location so you can start settling in immediately.

8. Think about Unpacking

The move isn’t complete until you are finished unpacking your belongings. To speed up unpacking, you can:

  •         Start with the kitchen (you usually need kitchen items before you need anything else).
  •         Don’t rush. Doing a little unpacking at a time is much more productive than struggling to unpack in one day.
  •         Remove all boxes and other packing supplies as soon as you are done with them.

Make sure to plan for food and entertainment to make your unpacking process easier.

The Takeaway

An upcoming move doesn’t need to be slow, tedious, and stressful. With proper planning, you can boost its efficiency, save money, and enjoy top-notch results. 

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