Most Popular Games in Asian Region To Pass Idle Time

Just like the continent itself, Asia has diversity in sports. Some sports are top-rated in the south Asian region; some sports are favored among the East Asian countries. Perhaps it is because of the diversity in the population that so many sports on 먹튀검증 which are celebrated in so many areas.


Many would argue football (also referred to as soccer) is only widely enjoyed and played in Europe. And while it is mainly played there, football is celebrated worldwide, and Asia is no exception. The association football and American soccer mostly have the same rules. The origin of football was in the mid 19th century by England. Since then, it has been one of the most popular and mainstream sports in the world. It has both male and female participation. Football is top-rated among Asian countries. A few countries have been able to polish their teams enough to stand up on an international scale; for example, Japan, South Korea, India, etc. The most successful national teams are from Europe and South America. But that does not stop the hype of the sport as there are various Asian tournaments for teams to participate in, like the AFC Asian Cup, AFC Champions League, etc. However, one of the most popular tournaments remains the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, etc., which are broadcasted live everywhere, including Asia. Football remains one of the top sports not only in Asia but all over the world.


Now, if there is one sport that South Asia takes pride in, it will be Cricket. Cricket is the most played among Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and several other countries like England, Australia, etc. Cricket has about 2.5 billion fans from all over the world. Cricket originated from Southeast England in the 18th century, and from then onwards, one-day internationals and test cricket started. And Cricket does not only stop being a sport but is also a medium in various respects because there are cultural and political impacts of Cricket. Today, Cricket unites a nation; it is a pride, and rightfully so.


Kabaddi is the national sport of Bangladesh. It is the most popular and renowned in the Indian Subcontinent. Although in Bangladesh, Kabaddi goes by Ha-du-du. It is often forgotten as it is not as popular or known worldwide as some of the other sports famous in Asia. It may not be popular among other countries, but that did not stop people from wanting to achieve titles in the game. Anup Kumar is said to be one of the best players Kabaddi has witnessed. He is a two-time gold medalist in the 2010 and 2014 Asian Games.

There are many unique yet niche platforms for sports in Asia. The magnitude of popularity of the sport depends on aspects like how much of it is broadcasted outside, or if it is a part of big tournaments and games, etc. Asia has various types of sports which may not be popular outside the said region, but that does not cancel out the fact that these are the culture, heritage, tradition of each country. Sports in Asia have considered one of the biggest strengths countries have.

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