Monese vs Revolut

Monese vs Revolut


In recent years, with improvements in the sphere of technology, the global community is facing so many different platforms that are providing users with the financial, money transfer and banking services, totally in an online format. In this short article, we want to write about two popular platforms in this sphere that each have special features for their customers. Monese is providing users with a fully featured bank account and Revolut is offering customers prepaid debit cards.We will try to compare these two platforms and discover which one can be a better choice for users around the world.

Monese & Revolut – Which one is Better??

Definitely, comparing two different platforms with not the same functions is not easy but the article will try to know about similarities and differences of both apps. In the case of Fees and Plans, both offer a good range of fees; none charge users for opening the account, both are allowing users to send money internationally and both are providing users with easy to use mobile apps. However Monese in general charges users with lower fees and for providing debit cards, Monese does not charge users. In the case of withdrawing money from ATMs, both are charging users with the same amount of fees. Additionally in case of International Money transfer, Monese has a simpler price than Revolut in this case; should be noted that Revolut can be more expensive especially on weekends. In case of using debit cards, Revolut is charging users from zero to 2% on the first 6000 euro and after that 2% for each time; however Monese does not charge users for the first 2000 euro and after that will charge 2%. It is worthy to mention that the features of both platforms cards are the same and they are in this case providing the same services. In the case of accounts and services, we should say that Revolut except the prepaid debit cards also is providing users with other financial services that are not available in Monese. Additionally to all mentioned above, Monese is offering users to have banking services in British pounds, however Revolut is providing customers with more local currencies options; GBP, NOK, EUR  and PLN. In case of top up the account, Monese will allow users to fill up their account by cash in UK or bank transfer in UK; However with Revolut customers can top up their accounts with different options like debit card or credit card, bank transfer that are more easier for people.

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As a result, with all points that we compared both platform services, it is still not easy to say which one can be a better choice for everyone. Each user with their own needs, now can choose the better option that is more suitable for their financial activities. We hope with this article, making a decision will be easier for all customers of Monese and Revolut around the world.