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MBA or MIM: What do You Think?

Since you are taking steps in your life that may have an impact on your overall life; you should be really careful. When it comes to your studies and career; you must not make a speedy decision. You mut always ponder about the options and possibilities before you make any concrete decision.

For example, have you ever thought about Mim vs mba?  Well, over the years as the Masters in Management has been getting a lot of prominence, it has often been confused with a kind of an MBA. If you are thinking about what really is MIM then remember, Masters in Management, or Masters of Management, are important degrees that offer business education to students  or candidates who do not have an extensive work history or experience. These are a less-demanding, rather more introductory alternative to that of MBAs. 

Who are these Degrees for?

Well, masters in Management target mostly recent graduated students who have little or no professional experience. MIM applicants can have less than one year of full-time postgraduate corporate work experience or even that of less than two years in a non-business position. Thus, MIM students are characteristically younger than their MBA colleagues, with a general age of 23 years.

Moreover, it is important to know that both universities and colleges also don’t require students to have finished a business-related undergraduate degree.

Contrary to this, MBAs address professionals, ranging right from 27 to 32 years old. The normal age is higher because MBA applicants are usually needed to have three to five years of work experience in a business environment. Furthermore, various business schools prefer MBA candidates with an international experience, whether related to their higher education studies or even that of career developed in a multinational setup.

MBA careers and Management careers

Though the MIM degree boosts the career start options for young and comparatively inexperienced students, the MBA is a degree for professionals who already proceeded beyond their entry-level job.

However, MBA students aim at polishing and developing their career. No matter they require to qualify for a leadership position or they need to get entrepreneurial knowledge for their own personal business, a degree in Business Administration will offer benefits in different ways than one.

Similarly, MIM graduates must not expect to land in a managerial position right away after completing their studies, they get the opportunity to enter the business labour market more easily.

What do you learn in these degrees?

Mims offers you general and introductory management knowledge. Although both MIM degrees and MBAs are somewhat postgraduate programmes in general management, their content differ vary considerably. The MIM is formally a Master of Science, hence, it is disposed to to more in-depth theoretical knowledge, and can even turn out to be research-oriented.

Similarly, while rather general in terms of academic knowledge, MBAs have always been a better hands-on experience, with combined teamwork and case studies. Generally, MBAs focus on working on the problem-solving skills, allowing the students to find innovative solutions for varied business issues.


Hence, since you know much about the MIM and MBA; make sure that you choose the options that suits you as per your specific qualification, interest, and everything else.

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