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Magnetic Insect Protection Screens – Best Substitute To Protect Your Indoors From Insects

Do you miss the cool breeze outside the closed windows during the summer? And this is because you hate insects that may come in along with refreshing air.

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Now, you do not have to worry about insects and keep yourself away from that cool and soothing air. You can install magnetic insect protection screens to your windows to block the invasion of unhealthy insects. With the arrival of spring and summer, there comes a variety of insects like mosquitoes, flies, wasps, and other flying insects to irritate you and brings health risks like malaria with them.

To let the fresh cool air in and hindering unwanted insects, you can request an online quotation from Premier Screens Ltd to place order for magnetic fly screens for your windows.

With over 30 years of manufacturing, supplying, and installing experience, Premier Screens has been providing their services in the U.K. directly to their customers to reduce resellers’ trading prices.

What are magnetic insect screens?

Magnetic insect screens are the latest window covering that uses magnets to hold the mesh in place within the window frames. The mesh is small enough that allows the natural cool air to pass through while keeping the insects out. The magnets are stitched into the screen’s edges and attached to the metal surfaces of the windows.

Magnetic insect screens stick to your window due to its attracting feature. This provides ease to open and close windows automatically. There are no gaps between magnetic screens and window frames for the insects to pass through. These screens can be installed on any surface such as wood, aluminium, steel, and UPVC.

What are the benefits of magnetic insect screens?

Magnetic screens are rapidly gaining the popularity among residential and commercial building owners due to its advantageous features.

Here are some of the benefits of installing magnetic screens.

  1. Prevents flies, mosquitos, and other insects from entering your home and allow you to open your windows to enjoy the outdoor natural fresh air.
  2. Installation is fast and as easy as DIY due to its simple design.
  3. It is easy to remove and reinstall and a good investment that lasts long.
  4. Allows outdoor natural light and fresh air inside your home which reduces your dependence on electric bulbs and air conditioner. This saves energy and reduces your electricity bill.
  5. Easily fits with your windows to match with your interior. It does not obstruct the view from inside and lets you to enjoy the view outside your home. It also provides privacy by blocking the indoor view from outside your home.
  6. It does not require holes and screws for installation. Hence, your interior structures and paints are protected from any installation damages.
  7. Easy to detach and clean with a wet sponge or brush. They do not require any special equipment for maintenance.
  8. It helps you to avoid the need of pesticides or insecticides, which makes them safe and eco-friendly.
  9. Small mesh holes are enough to filter dirt and debris apart from preventing insects from entering into your home. This keeps your home clean and free from any likely germs.

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