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Lockdown Digital Gift Ideas

There will be many people whose birthdays, anniversaries and other such special days will be falling in the middle of this lockdown period. No matter how much we miss those days, this lockdown, for the time being, would be best for us to accept it and live with it to stay safe and healthy.

It is not easy for every person to join hands to celebrate every occasion, whether you are living away in different countries or performing social distance. And, in this case, if you forget your loved one’s special day until the last minute, a digital gift is the best option to go.

Here is a list of digital lockdown gift ideas of how you can celebrate your loved ones in digital ways to share love and happiness in these times of self-isolation! Scroll down!

E-greeting card

These are digital greeting cards that you can customize with a heartfelt message with pictures and music of your loved ones. And the e-greeting card is delivered to the recipient over email or SMS. It is a modern and convenient way of expressing your heart to your loved ones on a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion. You can get your E-greeting card customized from any reputed online gift store.

Virtual Caricature

A digital caricature is customised for your special someone – making it the perfect birthday or anniversary surprise. If there is someone in your life who is cute and adorable, make them look the same and are very adorable in caricature form. The caricature will be emailed / WhatsApp to the email ID/number shared by you. All you need to do is share the picture of your special ones with any reputed online gifting store.

Personalized video message

If you can’t wish your loved ones or friends on their big day, don’t be sad. Deliver your love digitally with a personalized video message. A video is made with music and a personal message, delivered via email and SMS. Such a wonderful digital gift will surprise your loved ones and make them really happy.

Guitarist on call

Do let any distance come in between you and your loved ones. It is a digital service offering several online gifting portals. You can sign up for this service and dedicate songs to your loved ones to express your feelings on birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion. The guitarist will play the song on the guitar at a video call with you and your loved ones at the conference. Make the festivities more with this amazing service.

Online OTT membership

This is the time when one can stay in the house and relax. You might consider giving your loved one an annual subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime so that they remember you every time they watch a movie or series on the website.

Gift card

Everyone loves a classic gift card. And in today’s digital world, you have a lot of options.

Do you know which shops are online? Just about everyone. That’s why an online gift card makes an ideal gift option for everyone. It is also super easy to use and allows the recipient to use any online gift item they choose and can send it to online gifts delivery in gurgaon.

Celebrity Video Message

Most of us have a celebrity crush. Your loved ones also definitely have one. Wouldn’t it be great if his/her favorite celeb wished them on their special day, be it birthday or anniversary? There are websites that offer services where you can pick any celebrity of your choice, and they will call the recipient as per request and wish them on their special occasion.

Contactless Cake Delivery

At such times a surprise cake delivery will definitely bring a wide smile to your loved ones’ faces. If it is your friend’s birthday, it is one of the best gifts to send to a friend during quarantine. Surprise them with a delicious cake on their doorstep. With contactless cake delivery, the cake parcel will be left at the door of the house, and your friend can further collect it by sanitizing the parcel. In this way, your tasty desires will be fully delivered.

Hope you found this article “Digital Gift Ideas” a worthwhile read, and it helps you gain your knowledge in digital gift ideas. Happy gifting! Stay home! Stay safe!

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