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Liability for an Accident Caused by Winter weather in Atlanta, GA

Have you noticed that the risk of car accidents increases in winter weather? Car Accidents in winter weather can be hazardous, and the injury caused to the people can be very severe and can take a longer time to heal. In such cases, you can seek advice from auto crash lawyers, Atlanta GA. In this blog, we will discuss Liability for an Accident caused by Winter Weather in Atlanta, GA. let us start-

Affect on Visibility

Winter weather is usually associated with heavy snowfall, which reduces the visibility on the road. Reduced visibility impairs the depth perception of the driver. It could reduce the driver’s visibility to as little as a half-mile around him or even less. It further reduces the reaction time and the driving speed of the driver. There can be a white-out effect which means the driver’s eyes get blocked by the white snow. All this increases the risks of accidents. 

Effect of Ice and Snow on Road Conditions

Even when the snow has stopped, ice complicates things further. Ice gets accumulated on the roadways, making it harder for the tires to gain friction. Black ice gets formed around the bridges when the temperature is dropped to freezing levels. Be extremely cautious while driving on snow to avoid car skidding on the road.

Determining Fault

Accidents are caused due to the drivers’ negligence; the weather only plays a secondary role. When a driver is behind a vehicle, it becomes his responsibility to drive safely. Accidents are caused mainly due to negligence of the driver- for example- speeding, distracted driving, following too closely and not paying attention while changing lanes. Once it is established that the accident resulted from the driver’s negligence, it’s his liability to pay the damages.

Stay Safe on the Road

Stay alert and cautious on the road, especially in bad weather. Slow down when it’s snowy outside to maximize your reaction time in case of a mishap. Avoid slamming your brakes in case of ice ahead, as this could cause the tires to slide on the ice. Keep an eye on the road and be vigilant for your and other drivers’ safety.


Car accidents risk increases in winter weather. One needs to be more cautious on the road. Even if such an accident occurs, you can seek help from an attorney. Be alert and drive safe on the road.

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