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LED strips – the basics

LED strips may operate on 12 volts or 24 volts, powered with a constant-voltage transformer or motorist. Over one LED strip could be powered with a single transformer, provided that their overall wattage is less compared to the swimmer’s output wattage. 

In Lepro LED strips are generally supplied on standard-length 5 meter reels. It is possible to arrange to your strips to be cut to length until they are discharged when you place your order, or you may cut them.  Each LED cassette is marked with specific cut-points — normally dispersed at 25mm, 50mm or 100mm periods, based on the type. Longer lengths can be produced by soldering as necessary. White and single-color LED strips may be dimmed with a transformer, receiver and dimmer-switch mix. In the same way, RGB and RGBW (color-changing) LED strips may be handled with a suitable transformer, recipient and control. Please visit https://www.lepro.com/led-bay-light for more details. 

Things to consider when buying LED strips

Where do you want your LED strip?

Can it be main lighting, include light, or ambient light?   

Top suggestion — that the aim is to see the light effect although not the true light source; differently you may notice the person LEDs because ‘dots’ of mild, as opposed to a smooth clean impact. The LED strip will be in opinion (ceiling LED lights, by way of instance), LEDs and generate a smooth, even light-bar.

How bright / intense do you want the light emitted to be?

Various results and standard LED strips have an IP rating of IP33 — except for use in moist, splash-prone or moist places, or in outdoor places, you are able to pick moisture-resistant (IP65) or watertight (IP67) pieces rather.

If you wish to control many zones or regions independently from one dimmer or control? All our high quality LED strips are all made to commercial-grade criteria and analyzed to make sure they produce consistent color quality. We suggest that LED strips must be installed by a professional electrician.  

How to Buy the Best LED Strip Lights


First, pick the color for your job. There are 3 common options for this: If your job is at a place that needs focus and attention, daylight white is the better option. As an instance, from the kitchen. If your job is in a place to unwind, warm white will be the Ideal color to go with. As an instance, from the living area or bedroom. If your job is at a place That Needs mood lighting or celebration lighting, you ought to go with RGB.  By way of instance, a pub.


How about brightness? LED strip lighting are often used decoratively, therefore the brightness requirements aren’t large. Therefore, this isn’t a significant point for many people. But if you need high brightness, then please select 5050 LED, maybe not 3528 or 2835 LED.

Dimmable feature

In case you have decided on either of those white colors, you have to make a decision as to if you need a dimmer. The cost of an LED strip using a dimmer is generally 10%+ greater.

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