Learn different ways to style your grey blazer

Learn different ways to style your grey blazer

Every man should have a grey blazer. A grey blazer is a great choice for any occasion, whether it’s formal wear, casual attire, cocktail drinks or casual dining. A grey blazer is far more versatile than traditional black and can be worn with many different looks. This means there are many outfit options for this stylish and sophisticated corpse husband merch jacket. However, it is important to know how to style your grey blazer to achieve the best look.

Grey Blazer and Grey Pants

A grey blazer and grey pants look great together. However, it is important to choose pieces that are similar or in a similar color, since grey shades can be very different. This look can be worn for formal events and functions with a brown button-up and brown oxfords shoes once you have found the right suit or pair. You can also add a casual look to your outfit with white sneakers and an oxblood shirt.

Grey Blazer and White Pants

It can be difficult to wear white pants. A blazer in grey can complement the pants perfectly, while blazers in black and white can make an outfit look unbalanced. You can make a summer-ready look by pairing a lighter or mid-grey jacket with white pants. A navy waistcoat with a white shirt, paired with a brown belt and sneakers will keep the look sharp and add a pop of color.

Grey Blazer and Black Pants

You can make a classic yet modern outfit by pairing a grey jacket with black pants. This look can be worn to formal events with a white oxford shirt and a black tie. You could also try it with black loafers or oxford sneakers. To keep the look balanced, choose a light- or mid-grey jacket.

Grey Blazer and Navy Pants

Navy trousers are a great option for gents looking to match their grey blazer with something more vibrant than black, white, or grey pants. This look looks professional and trendy and is great for business or cocktail events. A lighter shade of navy pants can be worn over a dark blazer with a mid-grey blazer.

Grey Blazer and Jeans

A grey blazer is a stylish, sophisticated piece that can be worn as part of a formal look. However, it can look equally elegant when worn casually or smart casually. A grey blazer can look great paired with jeans. Wearing your blazer with jeans is a great way to create a casual yet sophisticated look. For a more sophisticated take on this style, you can wear a dark grey jacket with slim-cut jeans and either a sweater or a T shirt.

Grey Blazer and Chinos

A blazer and a pair of chinos are a great way to achieve a semi-formal look. You can’t wear any blazer with chinos. A grey blazer is a great choice. A mid-grey blazer can be paired with light grey chinos to create a sophisticated look. You can finish the look with a white shirt, a pair black loafers and a pair a black loafers. No tie required.

How to wear a Grey Blazer?

You can choose from coryxkenshin merch, medium, or dark grey blazers depending on your preference. For a chic winter look, choose a dark grey tweed jacket. For a sophisticated summer look, choose a lightweight linen jacket in a light grey shade. For a semi-formal look, pair your grey blazer and chinos with jeans or chinos with jeans.