Latest Trends/Techniques Used in Digital Marketing

Latest Trends/Techniques Used in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a concept that is gaining momentum in the recent years. Though it appears to be a new idea, it is about a hundred-year-old concept.

With the advent of radio, the digital marketing started gaining momentum, though then it was quite limited. However, the most recognizable period as being the start of Digital marketing is 1990 as this was the period when the Archie Search Engine was created as an index for FTP files. 

However, today digital marketing has become very important in almost every sphere of business. The most common techniques used in digital marketing is social media. The advertiser tends to generate more and more internet traffic so that their products are picked upby the google. The social media channels include Facebook, twitter handle, blogs and to some extent WhatsApp also.

More and more people are hooked up to social media. Even if a lady wants to try a particular recipe she will search the same on the search engine Google. Now if more and more people hit the search engine for a particular product then it is obvious that the person involved in digital marketing will tempt to advertise on that particular site.

Today, almost everyone uses WhatsApp. It has also become a small platform for digital marketing. The advertiser would advertise and write a post about their product for a particular person or a group. 

But simply creating a blog or a Facebook page is not enough for digital marketing. If you are using a blog make it sure it should have enough SEO words, links and permalinks so that it could be picked up by the Google and could generate maximum audience.  Having enough SEO words in a blog doesn’t mean that the blog is clogged with a lot of words. It simply means that to weave the blog round a few key words and use that words over and over again.

The other methods of digital marketing include SEM that is Search Engine Marketing —– the promotion of products through search engine in a way to generate maximum audience —– campaign marketing (means that promotion of a product by an influencer), e-mails (sending emails to a group of potential buyers, and also optical disks.

Not only is the digital marketing done through online methods, but also the offline methods. You must have received SMS’s from a store, mall or a shop telling about a particular product or the seasonal discount offered on that particular product. Now when you buy a particular product from that shop, they generally have your mobile number and then later use it to promote their sales scooptimes.

Now more than 50% of marketing is done with digital marketing. It has become one of the most revenue generating industry. However, like any other invention of science, it has its ill-effects also. Phishing, hacking, interfering with the person’s privacy are some ill -effects of every digital activity. However, the government of Canada  is very strict on all such activities and strict cyber laws have been formulated to stop all this.

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