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Ladder Golf: A Great Addition for Your Backyard or for Travel

Ladder golf can be played with as little as couple of devices. To get started, you will first need a one-foot long rope having regular golf balls fitted at both ends. This is also known as Bola in ladder golf terms.judi bola The second device required is a ladder of course! An ideal ladder for this game has to be nearly waist high with a maximum of three rungs. You can prepare both these devices either with some handy material at home or buy them online.

As mentioned earlier, the ladder golf rules are fairly simple to understand and to get you started quickly, we have outlined some of them as follows:

– To begin with the game, you need to toss your bola towards the ladder so that it wraps around one of the rungs. 

– Such tossing should be done from a distance of 10 paces away from the ladder. 

– Ladder golf rules suggest that you form two different teams and in every round have one player each from the two teams take their turn. 

– The scores of the two teams are determined by which rung they are able to wrap around with the bola. The golf ladder rules regarding the scored points are as follows. As the bottom rung is easiest to target, you score only 1 point for it. A hit on the top rung earns your team 2 points. Justifiably, since the middle rung is the hardest to get, the team that does it bags 3 points in its kitty. 

– The ladder golf rules indicate that whichever team first achieves a total score of 21, is declared the winner.

Like every exciting game, there is a twist in the story here too! To make this game more interesting, the ladder golf rules can be played around with in the following different ways:

Depending on the playing abilities of the teams, the points for the top rung and bottom rung can be interchanged. This will raise the bar considerably and make point scoring more challenging. 

 Instead of each round comprising of a single player from each team tossing the ball, you can have a comprehensive round with all the players taking their turns one by one. Once through, you can sum up the totals for each round. 

 You can begin the game closer to the ladder and start receding as the game progresses with each round.

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