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Just Begun Your Health Journey – Follow Up With Nutrition Counseling In Virginia

Are you continuously slipping on your weight loss journey? If you feel deprived of food all the time, you might need to include more nutritious meals in your diet that keep you active and motivated. Sometimes, we need help from professionals like a dietician or nutrition counselors to help us in achieving our nutrition goals. 

Start to improve your health with small steps taken towards it. At Nova Physician Wellness Center which is located in Ashburn and Fairfax, Virginia, there are many counselors and nutrition specialists who can help you in finding the right balance between your diet and your lifestyle. All these steps are not only required to lose weight but to feel more positive in life generally. 

First, you need to determine whether you want to visit a dietician or you want to seek help from a nutrition counselor. This choice is based on your current health needs. We will list down the benefits of both so that you can make a more informed choice. 

Nutritionist or Dietician

A certified nutritionist in Ashburn, Virginia studies the biochemical aspects of food. Based on their knowledge of food chemistry, they plan your diet to help you lose weight, overcome any metabolic dysfunction, and improve your immune health. 

They work with you as an individual and make customized plans according to your specific needs. Any dietary deficiencies or food allergies are taken care of. 

Nutrition counselor

You need a nutritional counselor if you are beginning your health journey or if you keep slipping back after making some improvements. Their job is to:

  • Provide you with a comfortable space where you can open regarding your food habits, stressors in life, and mental health without being judged. 
  • Identify food triggers and unhealthy habits that are keeping you stuck.
  • Providing a general guideline on how your food intake should look like and how to maintain these habits on a long-term basis. 
  • Make realistic plans that are easier to achieve based on your psychological tendencies. 
  • Providing an overall positive influence on your diet, activity, and perception towards life. 

While a nutritional counselor in Virginia works on the psychological aspects of eating, a certified nutritionist makes individualized meal-specific plans that you need to follow exactly as per instructions to see changes in your body appearance. 

Sometimes, you just need a session with a counselor to identify loopholes in your current routine, other times, you will be asked to take help from a dietician to make customized meal plans for you. A general idea is to begin your health journey with a counseling session to assess where you currently are and where you want to reach. 

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