Just a tooth pain or a signal for expected dental emergency

Just a tooth pain or a signal for expected dental emergency

Tooth pain or ache or discomfort is something we experience very often in our day to day life. Such pain or discomfort may be caused because of some food stuck between pockets. Usually, such pain goes away within a day or two or by flossing teeth. But if the pain persists or gets severe it may be a signal for an oncoming dental emergency. It may be a sign of internal infection, or a cavity or something more serious like an abscess.  Attending to certain types of pain timely can help avoid emergency dental services. Here in Greater Toronto Region especially around the Etobicoke area, the winters are very harsh. Imagine being stuck at home due to heavy snow or snowstorm and that severe tooth pain. It would be much better to get such issues checked by a qualified dentist around here in Etobicoke than endanger your life in two ways.

Some of the common tooth pain issues that you should watch out.

Dental Carious

Dental carious is a bacterial disease of teeth that cause by the demineralization of tooth enamel and dentine by an acid influx or acid produced during digestion. It can be identified as an area with a grey undertone, an opaque region on the white area, a brown patch or a discoloured patch. It can cause greater decay with time and soon lead to inflammation that will need emergency care.

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Inflammation of the area surrounding the crown of a partially erupted tooth can be the cause of severe tooth pain in this case. It is caused by bacterial plaque and food debris accumulation beneath the gum. It can with time leads to swelling of the flap, pain, tenderness, and a bad taste caused by pus oozing from beneath the affected area. In critical cases, the oral airway can be compromised and it can lead to a life a threatening emergency. Issues related to wisdom teeth are more often noticed between the age of 25 to 40.

Dental Trauma

Injuries of teeth can be one common cause of pain and lead to dental trauma. Dental trauma is extremely common in people of age. Children being more prone it. Injuries to teeth, gums, or their supporting structures can be of the following types like fractures, loose teeth, displaced teeth, bone injury, or a broken tooth. Only a dental examination can ascertain the extent of damage and what kind of treatment is needed. In the absence of proper dental attention, a small gum injury may become a major problem. Most patients with dental injuries will need dental treatment either for pain or for cosmetic reasons. The sooner the better.

Missing Filling

One common issue that is usually ignored due to lack of knowledge or late detection.  The gap created due to a missing filling can be a lodging place for bacteria and can soon be infected. Such infections start with minor pain and if left unattended can soon convert into major pain. Not just pain such infections can soon spread into gums and denture bone causing unbearable pain and may require surgery to fix. In the initial stages, it maybe controlled simply by cleaning the area and filling it with dental cement or dental fillings but a delayed response can lead to a dental emergency.

Abscessed tooth

A tooth abscess is a serious and painful infection between the gums and the teeth. If ignore can lead to an infection that can spread and damage surrounding teeth and gums. Such pain leads to the inability to chew or eat.

Severe tooth pain accompanied by following symptoms can lead to an emergency.

  • Swelling in the face
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Pain travelling to head or ears
  • Trouble chewing
  • Difficulty opening mouth

Avoid dental emergency as it can lead to life threatening situation also. Minor treatments and correction can help keep away from emergency situation.

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