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Is There a Top-Winning Slot Strategy?

Many argue that slot machines are subjected to a random number generator; therefore, a strategy for playing machines that brings colossal profits cannot exist. They are partly right, and when playing on slot machines, a lot falls on random numbers – visit wizard slots.

However, modern slots actually require you to implement a strategy based on the advanced algorithms that allow developers to produce strategy dependent slots. In the article below, we have selected the most relevant winning strategies that will help you increase your chances of winning and minimize the risks of losing.

Slot Winning Strategies

Today there are a large number of strategies that can be successfully applied not only in classic but also in virtual casinos. Each method of playing slot machines, presented on this page, will give you good chances to hit the jackpot on the slot machine. So let’s get started


Martingale is the most straightforward and most famous slot strategy in the world. However, it’s based on highly simplified principles; double the stakes in case of loss spin. The Martingale system assumes that if the winnings and losses are evenly distributed, then with each subsequent loss, the chances of winning will increase. Thus, if the rate is doubled, then it will compensate for the money that was lost earlier and will bring profit. It seems that everything is very logical.

But, unfortunately, the Martingale system has one weak spot – for it to work and to ensure the player is 100% against losing his bankroll, a huge number of bets are needed. Yes, the average number of wins is approximately equal to the average number of losses, but this rule only works over a long period. If the player has a limited amount of money or the casino has a limit on the amount of the bet, the Martingale system ceases to be effective.

Parlay (Anti-Martingale)

The Parlay bet system, which is better known as Anti-Martingale, is much more complicated than the regular Martingale, but it will not be so difficult to apply it in practice if you understand it well. The essence of the system is as follows: after each loss, the bet amount is halved, and after each win, it doubles.

Considering that on slot machines, more than fifty percent of the spins turn out to be losing, it seems that there is logic in this system. If a player gets caught in a losing streak, then the losses will not be as significant as with Martingale, for example, or with even bets on each spin. But, conversely, if you hit a successful wave, your winnings will increase significantly.

In practice, everything turns out not as rosy as it sounds in the description. As long as a paid combination falls out, our rate may turn out to be very small, and when there is much money at stake, luck will turn away from us.


The essence of the “Zigzag” strategy is that the player must find in the casino that slot machine, which is about to trigger a must-win jackpot. Considering that a random number generator controls the reels of slot machines, there is no special logic in this strategy. However, the “Zigzag” system also has its fans, probably because people are just pleased to know that they are fighting for a big win.


The essence of the pyramidal strategy is that the bets are visualized as an isosceles triangle. The player starts with small bets, gradually reaches high ones, and then again goes down to the minimum bets. Traditionally, it is customary to use the pyramid system when playing single-line slots. For example, if five coins are the maximum you can play with on a line, then the chain of pyramidal bets will look like this: One – two – three – four – five – four – three – two – one.

This strategy aims to allow players to win large amounts of money at higher stakes, but at the same time use lower stakes, which would allow them to save if a winning streak hits them. Ideally, the white streak should be on high stakes and the bad streak on low stakes. But, as you know, in practice, everything can happen and vice versa; otherwise, all of us would have been millionaires for a long time now.

Hit and Run

This strategy aims to play a slot as long as it keeps on triggering payouts, and as soon as the game gives you two or three losing spins, you just run for another slot.

How Effective are Slot Betting Strategies?

Slots are not very well adapted to implement any strategy, as, of course, they are based on the RNG. However, using techniques such as Hit and Run and Pyramidal, players can surely control the bankroll and keep on going for a more extended session, resulting in considerable payouts. Summing up the above, we can conclude that these slot strategies look pretty promising based on logic and probability theory laws, but they might not be that effective for slot machines. So, is there a Top-Winning Slot Strategy? Unfortunately, the wins on a slot machine aren’t guaranteed no matter which strategy you use.

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