When you are moving, the most difficult decision you have to make is to decide which items you should take along with you and which you should leave. And the decision becomes even more difficult when it comes to deciding your kid’s playset. If you leave this behind then your children might be heartbroken but chances are, taking this along will you can cost you more than the new one. Thinking wisely, there is no sense to move something very big, bulky, and cumbersome. If you are confused to decide then check out this guide so you can make a better decision for yourself.

Relocating your outdoor playset:

  • Pros of relocating playset:

  1. Relocation of the outdoor swing set at the new place will provide your children with a sense of belongingness and continuity. It is difficult for them to adjust to a new house and surroundings. Already they will be disheartened to leave their old house, old neighborhood, old school, and old friends. Moving the swing and playset which your children cherish a lot along with you at your new home can help them to easily get comfortable in the new environment. Therefore, contact movers Los Angeles and get them booked for shifting your swing set to another place.
  2. Having a large and complex playset installed in your old house can impact the home insurance taken by the owner. If there is such a case then you already have gone through the same cost. Shifting the playset along with you to your new house is more beneficial than leaving it behind as now you can easily sell your old house. The potential owner of your old house need not worry about the effect that a swingset can have on their insurance premium.
  • Cons of relocating playset:

  1. Shifting a swingset is not an easy task. You will have to disassemble it, pack it and move it to your new home. It’s difficult to handle such a large playset by yourself which implies hiring professional movers. The movers are acquainted with equipment that makes it easier to lift heavy loads. Thus, you end up paying the additional moving cost.
  2. Once the playset is dissembled, you’ll still need to rent a moving truck or large trailers because the dissembled parts themselves can be large and bulky, making them difficult to lift.
  3. In case, if it has been set in the concrete then there will be a jackhammer and sledgehammer to remove these and to transport these to a new location. 
  4. Also, if potential homebuyers are interested in having a playset at their home and willing to pay more for home with it then it is not a great idea to bring it along with you.

Purchasing a new outdoor playset:

  • Pros of purchasing a new playset:

  1. In case the currently installed swingset is not an insurance liability, then you can undoubtedly move without shifting the old playset to the new home. Having a playset installed in the house can attract more buyers, especially the ones who have children.
  2. If the old swingset has become obsolete and your children are demanding to have a new swing set with updated safety features then you should get a new outdoor playset installed in the playground of your new house.
  3. Compare the efforts and cost of relocating the old playset. Mostly it has been seen that it is more difficult and expensive to relocate the old swingset than purchasing a new one. Now you need not spend your hard-earned money on moving the old and obsolete playset, you can just buy a new one.
  4. Also in case if the new property is not similar to the old one and the new property does not meet zoning requirements and the playset does not fit in well then buying a new one according to the new area is just a good choice.
  • Cons of purchasing a new playset:

  1. However, purchasing a new playset ensures the safety of your children but they might not accept it with an open heart. They have so many memories with the old set which makes them emotionally attached to it. Therefore, it’s no use of wasting your money on purchasing a new swingset that is not used by your children.
  2. Playset having upgraded features is much expensive. You already have spent your hard-earned money on buying a playset. Selling the old playset along with your old home will not help you to recover the original investment to offset the new cost of buying a playset. And even if you buy a new playset, you will have to again undergo the expensive installation charges.

At the end, just consider the fact that whether purchasing a new one will be costlier for you than bringing it along with you. Also, consider its sentimental value for your children but remember that when your children will get a new one, higher are the chances that they will forget the old one. Consider the above facts to decide better.