Investing in Vintage Jewellery

Investing in Vintage Jewellery

A very valuable investment Vintage jewellery goes well with almost any wardrobe. No matter what the season or what you’re into, there is a piece of vintage jewellery that will enhance your look and make you stand out from the crowd. What’s even better for some women than to know they own the best collection of fine jewellery for special occasions, whenever they need to look their very best? Vintage jewellery is one of those special looks that can never go out of style. If you’re having a special event such as a birthday party or even an anniversary, why not treat yourself to a few well chosen pieces of vintage jewellery to add some colour and flare to your big day?

Different types of jewellery 

There are many different types of jewellery from the Victorian era that will look amazing on you whether you choose pearl rings, vintage brooches, vintage earrings, or vintage beads. Pearls were all the rage in the Victorian era and you can now get beautiful pearl rings, vintage brooches or vintage charms made of pearls. The Victorian era was also the birth of one of the most recognisable stones of all time, the ruby.

Ruby vintage jewellery 

Ruby rings for instance, are very popular at the moment and are something ladies are really hitting on about. You can get ruby vintage jewellery in many different settings from being simple with a round brilliant stone, or you can get a more extravagant ring with a huge amount of rims and girdle-like stones around it. Ruby jewellery from the Victorian era is also incredibly hard-wearing which is always an important factor when you’re considering investment in vintage jewellery. They did wear coats so maybe these vintage rings could be real coats which would make a perfect heirloom item for passing down in the family.

Consider dress pattern

Vintage earrings, necklaces and bracelets in this period are also incredibly hard-wearing. Even if a lady was wearing a frilly patterned dress, the pearl necklace would be holding her tightly in place without moving around. There are so many different types of earrings from this era that you could end up with something unique for every occasion. Whether you want to go for a big gemstone earring, one-of-a-kind brooches or vintage rings, you’ll find a lot of different options online at affordable prices such as Carus Jewellery.

Visit antique stores 

A good way to get started when thinking about investing in vintage jewellery is to visit antique stores that sell old pieces from a bygone era. Many jewellers will have a section of items they are proud to sell and you might spot an antique Edwardian necklace, cuffs or even an antique rabbit ear. Some pieces from this era have become rarer over the years and you may not be able to buy them as often as other pieces so investing in these antique pieces becomes more important. If you do not own too much antique jewellery already then this would be a great way to add some more jewelleries to your jewellery collection. Just remember to inspect each piece carefully before purchasing to make sure it isn’t damaged or has any imperfections.

Get information from market

In terms of today’s modern jewellery market, there is a lot less emphasis on antique jewelleries than there used to be. This is mainly due to the fact that most people don’t have jewelleries from this time period to show for it. Many contemporary pieces are made from synthetic materials and have stones with pearls and diamonds attached. There is also less focus on vintage jewelleries meaning the stones and the setting that the stones are in can match any colour of outfit you have at present. However, there is still a market for these older pieces and you can pick up a great vintage necklace or bracelet for a fraction of its original price. With a bit of careful shopping and the Internet it is possible to get fantastic bargains.


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