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Insurance and Addiction Rehab

Paying for addiction rehab out of one’s pocket can get quite expensive. In this guide, we’ll be discussing paying for addiction rehab with insurance, and if it’s a good option for you.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation — What Is It?

These rehabilitation programs (Such as Optima Health alcohol rehab) offer professional treatment for individuals dealing with substance use disorders and chemical dependence. At these centers, one can get treatment for different substance addiction types such as marijuana, meth, heroin, alcohol, cocaine, and opioids.

How to Get Addiction Rehabilitation Without a Plan

A lot of people think they can’t receive treatment without insurance. As a result, many are reluctant to apply for substance abuse rehabilitation.

Paying for drug and alcohol rehab without a plan can put a burden on a lot of people. However, it is crucial that the patient seeks treatment as soon as possible in an emergency situation even if he/she has no insurance.

For instance, when dealing with medical emergencies caused by drug addiction such as overdose or suicidal thoughts, your first priority is to get the patient to an emergency facility or hospital.

Once the emergency has been taken care off, you can then concentrate on finding a way to cover treatment payment. The hospital’s administrative staff should be able to guide you to different assistance resources.

Each state varies. However, majority of them should provide some sort financial aid for patients who need free or low-cost rehab, but have no insurance plan. The quickest way to look for options is with a Google search; go online, then enter your city, county, or state. Afterwards, look for low-cost substance abuse and mental health programs near you.

If you get rehab-related information online, it is very important that you take the quality into consideration. Not every site may be trustworthy. For instance, if you get a list of rehab resources from .gov domains, there is a better chance that you will get legitimate information. Visit https://www.nstec.com/ to learn more about why you can trust information from .gov domains.

When contacting a rehab center, it is important that you give them all the information you can on the patient’s condition. This will help ensure that he/she gets the treatment, resources, and care.

Depending on the region, the patient might be able to get expedited services and treatment, or additional programs. However, there are some qualifications; these opportunities are only available if the patient is homeless, above 65, is pregnant, or is below 18.

Registering For Insurance

Many uninsured patients looking for drug rehabilitation often wonder how they can obtain insurance to take care of their drug rehab cost.

Even if the individual in question is currently unemployed and uninsured, he/she may be able to register for a plan. Depending their income, the individual may be able to get it for free.

For instance, 2014’s Affordable Care Act demands that marketplace insurance services offer coverage for mental and substance abuse treatment. Even though the patient’s condition may have been pre-existing, the insurance company is obliged to cover such issues.

In addition to this, 2008’s Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act provides similar protection for patients in need of alcohol and drug rehab. This law demands that the insurance company offers the same type of coverage they have for primary health care with substance abuse and mental health as well.

Medicare — What Is It?

This program is created for citizens of the U.S. above the age of 65 who are having trouble taking care of the costs associated with medical treatments and care. This program offers financial assistance to the elderly who have medical needs.

Patients under 65 can qualify for the benefits of Medicare. However, the individual must have certain disabilities. With each case, patients are evaluated according to the details and eligibility requirements of the program. Patients suffering from the final stages of kidney issues can also obtain the benefits the Medicare program.

Medicare is divided into two branches — Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare. Here are the differences between the two.

Original Medicare

This medical insurance option is government-funded. It is the primary insurance of numerous American senior citizens. This plan covers in-patient treatment services such as hospice care, at-home care, and hospital visits.

This insurance plan also covers out-patient medical services such as diagnostic, treatment, and preventive services for mental health and substance use disorders.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is similar to original Medicare. This insurance plan is for patients who want to get the benefits of normal Medicare with additional coverage options.

This Medicare plan is offered by private insurance firms. Majority of these companies offer coverage for things like dental, hearing, prescription drug and vision care.

Community health and free drug rehabilitation programs offer some patients access to low-cost medication.

Individuals may have trouble getting the insurance company to cover certain alcohol and drug rehab aspects even if they have an insurance plan. Even though many places have laws which require insuring firms to provide such coverage, a patient might have difficulty getting coverage by insurance for medication-assisted treatments like methadone and buprenorphine. Click here to learn more about methadone.

In certain cases, these companies will cover these treatments. However, it is not the case everywhere. If this is your situation, your best option is to look for free drug rehabilitation programs which will be able to offer these medications at low cost.

Health-care Policy — Is It That Important?

While it is possible to get treatment without health-care insurance, one must keep in mind the advantage of this plan.

With health-care, you provide cover against uncertainties. Should an emergency occur, this plan will ensure that you aren’t left stranded. Rather than waiting for an emergency, it is best to prepare ahead of time.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, paying for rehabilitation without any form of insurance covering may be a burden for many people. However, there are different options provided for such people. Every patient is sure to find the plan most convenient for them.

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