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Idaho Car Accidents: Key Statistics 

Did you know that Idaho is one of the most dangerous places to drive in the United States. Yes, the mountains, the picturesque beauty of the state all comes at a price. According to the State Highway Safety Report, there were 1,285 serious injuries in Idaho in 2021. Furthermore, there were over 247 total deaths, rising from 214 in 2013. Despite decreasing accident cases in US, Idaho continues to remain a hotbed for accidents. One important way of dealing with accident casas in Idaho is hiring an Idaho Car Accident Attorney. Below are 3 reasons to hire a local attorney. 

State Laws

State laws can differ widely across the US. For example, Idaho uses a comparative negligence yardstick to measure potential compensation. This yardstick ensures that drivers try, and minimize fault on their side, or prove the other side was at higher fault to claim compensation. For example, if you suffer a damage of $40,000, and the jury determines that you were at 40% fault, you would receive $24,000 in legal claim. The local attorneys who deal with these laws have far more experience, investigation skills, and local expertise to deal with such complex legal defense. 

Expert Estimations 

If you have suffered serious damage, you will need to prove it to court with reliable estimates. This includes receipts from the local repair shops, hospitals, in accordance with the local law. An Idaho car attorney can help you gain reliable estimates from local services using his expertise. These estimates can require dealing with multiple stakeholders including vehicle manufacturers, insurers, local hospitals, and more. It is important that your attorney can get these estimates quickly, and proceed with the case on an urgent basis. 

Key Statistics 

Idaho has placed a cap of $2, 50,000 in non-economic damage. Moreover, the statutes of limitation in accident cases are two years. These numbers are essential to understand for people who suffer grave injuries. If you have been in the hospital for a long-time, your relatives or friends need to start the legal process as soon as possible. Furthermore, you need to ensure a thorough investigation in severe injury cases. 

Another key number to watch out for in Idaho is the number of uninsured drivers. This number has risen to 13%. So, one in 7 collisions is likely to be one with an uninsured driver. As there is very little possibility of recovering dues from uninsured drivers, be sure to avail insurance schemes like PIP, health insurance, and others to protect yourself in advance.  

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