How to wipe the indelible marker from the window

How to wipe the indelible marker from the window

Cleaning windows is not the easiest and most joyful job. Especially if, in addition to the usual dust and dirt, there are traces of a marker on the glass. Removing inscriptions often becomes a rather tedious and lengthy process. To wipe the marker from the window, you first need to remember its chemical composition, choose the right tool, find out the best way to eliminate traces, and only then proceed with the task.

How to wipe the marker from the window if the composition of the base is known?

The selection of a suitable solvent depends on the components of the marker base. And if the necessary information is available, then the process of eliminating old inscriptions or drawings will become much easier. Next, we describe the most popular types of markers and how to remove the traces left by them:

  • Water base. The easiest option. It is enough to use a wet sponge or napkin, erasing traces with light smooth movements.
  • Alcohol base. In this case, a napkin well moistened with alcohol is suitable. An alternative solution would be to use vodka, cologne or lotion. The main thing is not to overdo it with the volume or take care of eliminating the specific smell in advance.
  • Oil base. You can remove such traces with the help of fat. It is enough to dip a napkin in vegetable oil, treat the right place, and then carefully remove the remaining oil from the glass.

After treatment, a standard window cleaning should be carried out to give them a perfect look and remove traces of recently used substances.

How to wipe the marker from the window in other cases?

If the composition of the marker is unknown, then it is better to resort to universal methods. In particular, toothpaste should be used to remove unwanted marks from wooden and painted window frames. It is necessary to rub the paste into the smeared surface, wait a few seconds and remove it with a moistened cloth. Please note that the method is not suitable for cleaning lacquered products.

Washing windows with plastic frames should be done according to a different principle. You need to take a high-quality microfiber sponge and carefully erase the interfering inscription. If the proposed method did not help, then you should use special cleaning products, which we will discuss in the next section. If the ink is deeply ingrained and cannot be removed using standard methods, then you can use abrasive products. That’s just such an approach with a high degree of probability will lead to damage to the treated surface. It should not be used unless absolutely necessary. Here professional window washing services

How to wipe a marker from a window using household chemicals?

Ideally, you need to purchase detergents recommended by the manufacturer of specific window variations, and then apply them for their intended purpose. This approach will avoid most possible problems and provide high-quality window cleaning at low financial costs. If the necessary data is not available, then it is advisable to visit a specialized store and purchase proven glass and frame cleaners (depending on the material of manufacture).

As an example, consider the specifics of window cleaning with a readily available product. First you need to spray the product, then gently wipe the surface with a cloth. Then the procedure must be repeated several times, and each subsequent spraying must be accompanied by wiping with a new piece of cloth. Important: if you are not sure about the choice of means, do not take risks. It is better to call the cleaners and order window cleaning using professional equipment.

Some tips for window cleaning

The most important rule is that if you have any doubts, entrust the issue to a specialist. Otherwise, follow these guidelines:

  • do not use abrasives if you are afraid to scratch the surface;
  • do not use products that destroy wood or plastic if the frames are made of these materials;
  • do not use aggressive solvents if there are more gentle options;
  • first try the action of the consumable on a small area of ​​the surface of the product.

If you have expensive structures installed, then do not improvise. Call professional cleaners. They will perform a comprehensive window cleaning – they will remove all unnecessary inscriptions from frames and double-glazed windows, and then they will wash the products from the inside and outside.