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How to start a cleaning company providing suicide scene cleanup, coronavirus cleanup, or crime scene cleanup services from scratch

In recent years, the services provided by cleaning companies, for example, crime scene service, suicide scene cleanup service, or biohazard service, have become more and more in demand, especially in large cities. In fact, the cleaning business is a whole range of cleaning services for residential, office, industrial premises. Moreover, this is not just cleaning in the traditional sense of it because such specific services include, among others, disinfection and many other cleaning procedures.

Reasons for the popularity of cleaning services

The popularity of this type of service is due to a number of factors.

  • First, it is easier and, more importantly, cheaper for managers of offices or industrial enterprises to call in a cleaning team than to organize their own cleaning staff.
  • Secondly, quite often such a service is ordered by the owners of spacious cottages, who are not able to cope with the cleaning of all the premises on their own.
  • Thirdly, the services of cleaning companies are often used by owners of apartments where such unfortunate events as suicide or crime were committed. Amateurs just can’t cope with the range of cleaning procedures related to suicide scene cleanup; that’s why people turn to professional cleaning services.

Those who decide to start such a cleaning business should find out in advance how to proceed in order to open a cleaning company, what should be taken into account when drawing up a financial plan and clearly calculate the benefits from the first months of the company’s activities.

How to open a cleaning company: business plan

The provision of cleaning services can be a good source of income, but only if you correctly plan and organize all stages of the company’s activity.

To begin with, you should correctly draw up a financial plan, which must include the following:

  • finding out what equipment and chemicals are needed for the cleaning company, especially for such services as suicide scene cleanup, coronavirus cleanup, or crime scene cleanup;
  • calculating the cost of renting premises; tunai4d
  • searching and recruiting professional specialists;
  • searching for potential clients.

How much does it cost to set up a business?

If we are talking about a small company whose employees will serve approximately 6,000 square meters per month, it will have to spend approximately $ 8,000 on capital expenses when organizing it:

  • $6,000 might be spent on purchasing the necessary equipment;
  • $2000 might be spent on purchasing office equipment and office furniture;
  • additional costs for uniforms will be insignificant and will amount to approximately $200-500.

You will also need to spend between $3,000 and $4,000 a month to rent the space, pay salaries to employees, and take into account the possibility that cleaning equipment may need to be repaired.

Premises for rent

Naturally, before you open a cleaning company from scratch, you need to find a suitable storage room for equipment and cleaning products in advance.

Recruitment for a cleaning company

In order to select an employee, you can use several methods:

  • submit job offers on specialized Internet resources;
  • use the services of recruitment agencies;
  • independently search for employees on the Internet.

The number of people who will work in the company is determined by the amount of space they will clean. For starters, 4 experienced cleaners will be enough. The main thing is that they competently handle the equipment, do their job carefully, and be polite with customers. You should also take into account the fact that suicide scene cleanup, coronavirus cleanup, or crime scene cleanup services are totally different from traditional cleaning services. Therefore, your employees will need additional training – not only professional but psychological. Also, you can’t do without a driver with a car who will bring and take employees from one project to another    bundlenews

All in all, the cleaning business is getting more and more popular, and investing in this kind of business will definitely pay off.

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